Sample Search Summary of Candidates’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Provide a summary for all interviewed candidates. Assessment should relate to job requirements.

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To: Hiring Manager, Director/Dean, Vice President/Provost, and Affirmative Action

From: Search Committee Chair

The search committee for the position of Assistant Professor of Education and Human Development, Special Education has completed the on campus interviews of prospective candidates. The search committees’ findings are as follows:

Candidate: John Smith

Overall: Well prepared application packet. Excellent teaching experience in Special Education. Has strong history of departmental service and academic advisement. Previous SUNY experience. Excellent letters of recommendation.

Interview: Answered questions with relevant examples. Expressed commitment to service as well as undergraduate teaching and advising. Expressed desire and ability to teach graduate level courses.

Strengths: 15 years teaching experience, ability to teach graduate courses, ability to teach courses beyond Special Education.

Weaknesses: Expressed frustration over lack of funding at previous SUNY employer.

Summary: Excellent candidate, strongly recommended for hire.

Candidate: Jane Doe

Overall: Well prepared application packet. Has previous teaching experience in Special Education. Excellent research and publishing record.

Interview: Was late for interview. Displayed a strong commitment to Special Education. Expressed a dislike for advisement, but willing to do so and has done so in the past. Did not have any questions for the committee, seemed disinterested.

Strengths: Prior teaching experience. Strong scholarship record.

Weaknesses: Lack of commitment to student success. Mediocre letters of recommendation.

Summary: Not recommended for hire.

Last Updated 12/7/17

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