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Photo of the Blanket Tax Committee, 1929

The 1929 "Blanket Tax Committee." (Mr. Cooper on the left & Mr.Lathrop on the right, 2nd row.)

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Student government at Brockport began with the above pictured committee, established in the late 1920s.The Blanket Tax Committee was composed of student and faculty representatives. Each student and faculty member paid an annual "blanket tax." As the catalog put it, the money collected was used to give the students,"pleasure and advantages that State funds do not provide," such as the annual Color Day, tickets to athletic events and a copy of the "Saga."

The Blanket Tax Committee was known as the Student Council from 1937 to 1945, and then it became the Student-Faculty Council. By 1967 the involvement of the faculty in the decision making of the students as an organized body was seen as not necessary, and the current Brockport Student Government came into being. This was the first independent student decision making body in the history of the college. The new government included executive, legislative and judicial branches.

BSG representatives, 1967

B.S.G., 1967

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