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The Stylus

Cover of the 1927 Stylus magazine

When The Stylus was a magazine.

In 1914 a new publication appeared in the world, and introduced itself as follows, "We are starting our little untried craft, The Stylus, upon its first voyage, which is always a more or less perilous one simply because of the very newness and unproven seaworthiness of the vessel." The Stylus was given its name by Elizabeth Briggs, the faculty adivisor.

Lyman Avery and Helen Crippen

Above are Lyman Avery '15, and Helen Crippen '14, staff members shown in the June 1914 issue

The Stylus followed in the footsteps of The Normalia, a student magazine that was produced here from 1900-1908. As did The Normalia, The Stylus published a mix of school news and literary efforts - essays and poetry. Issued quarterly in magazine format, the Stylus' June issue, the "commencement issue," served as a yearbook.In the Fall of 1928 The Stylus adopted a newspaper format and was issued every two weeks. This newspaper is preserved in a complete paper run in the college archives, and the paper from 1928 to date is also in microfilm. For many decades now The Stylus has covered the school news, and is an invaluable source for the history of the school.

The Saga

Photograph of the first Saga staff

Staff of the first Saga of 1929 (not shown - editors Charles Parrish & Robert Palmer.)

"That we might record in enduring and organized form the Personnel of Brockport Normal and its activities during the school year of 1928-1929 is the purpose of issuing this first volume of The Saga. It is the hope of our Class that we have builded wisely and have laid a foundation upon which will rest securely the reputation of The Saga through coming years." (Foreword, 1929 Saga.)

On one occasion in the 1870s a set of individual photographs of the seniors and faculty members were taken, some of which survive in the archives, but no yearbook was produced. In 1899 a yearbook, or "Classbook," was produced, but was not continued the next year. In 1929 The Saga resulted from the decision to change The Stylus into a bi-weekly newspaper as noted above. The Saga forms an incomparable set of picture memories of Brockport over the years, and copies of it have been the cherished keepsakes of many alumni. Over the years only a couple of issues failed to come out, and although interest in such things may not seem as high as it once was, years from now those students who did get their copy of The Saga will doubtless be glad they did so! Publication of The Saga ceased after the 1996 edition, but the Archives has most of the years in its collection.

Literary Publications

Cover of the Fall 1963 Vistas issue

Vistas, 1949-1967

Many literary efforts have taken place over the years here at Brockport. In the 19th century the debates, class exercises and oratorical contests provided a field for literary talent, and at times student writings were published in the village newspaper. The Normalia (1900-1908) and the Stylus in its early magazine years (1914-1928) ran student essays, poetry and other material, and in the 1930s there was a shortlived publication called the Quilldriver. After WWII when the school grew in size there was more talent available, and more support. Vistas was one the productions of the post war students, and featured mostly prose, with a little poetry and artwork. While title changes have taken place since then, the English Club and others continue the tradition of literary publication at Brockport

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