Spectators at a 1950s sporting event

At the game in the 1950s.

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Sports have existed in many forms and at many levels at our school over the years. Although there were no formal school teams then, various games were played at the Collegiate Institute. In the 1880s a man named Elisha Carpenter wrote a series of letters to the local newspaper reminiscing about his Brockport boyhood, and he recalled that at the school in the 1840s, "south of the shade trees was a ball ground...," at which students and village boys frequently played what would presumably have been some early form of baseball. All was on a fairly casual level until later in the century when formal teams began to be organized, to play not only intramural games and informal games with village teams, but to play against other schools. Women's sports first appear in the very early 1900s, twenty years or so after men's teams, and although women too played interscholastic sports at first their athletic path diverged significantly from that of the men in the 1920s.

The history of any one of the team sports here would be a fascinating study, as would research into other aspects of athletics; the place of women's sports over the years for example. What follows is only a sampler of a very long and rich history. Plenty of opportunities lie waiting here for a research paper or even a thesis. (A very good thesis was written in 1986 for example by Lisa Marchionda on the life of Ernest Tuttle and the development of modern physical education at Brockport. See the archivist if you would like to pursue any such research!)

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