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As mentioned in the main sports page, baseball, or early forms of it, were played at the college as long ago as the late 1840s.

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The first report of a game appeared in the Brockport Republic August, 1870. Apparently an impromptu team was put together to play against Cortland, which had requested the game. (Cortland won, 56-24.) By 1873 though there seems to have been an organized, standing team. Part of the first report of this team's play, from a May 29, 1873 game against a team of village boys is as follows,

"At the start the down-town boys did not hardly get a sight but as the game wore on, did better, while the other side became tired... There is a considerable sport both for the novice or experienced player in witnessing a game of base ball, as ludicrous incidents will occur - only to the observers in many instances - especially when a ball slaps someone on the eye, nose, or - stomach -oh! The sliding in to bases is a healthy operation for pants..., while the catching of a skyball in your mouth, because of the sun shining in your eyes is very satisfactory... The game lasted about four hours and then was called on an even inning. The score was: College 39, Down Towns 17."
The first mention of uniforms is in the Brockport Republic for May 10, 1900. The article reported that,
"Friday last the Normal ball team went to Albion and played a tie game with the crack team there. This makes two tie games between them. Today the tie will be played off here, or at least attempted... The Normals will wear their new suits and they propose to decorate them with the scalps of their opponents. The Albions, however, play ball and the game should be warm to the end."

Brockport won, 19-9!

Men's 1924 Baseball Team

2nd row, l-r, Coach Herbert Salisbury, and Captain Kenneth Barclay, June 1924 Stylus.

The first formal mention of a coach is in 1921, when Coach Salisbury is mentioned. In the late 1800s Principal Charles McLean was involved in both the baseball and football teams, but how closely is not clear. Edwin Nihiser, a former International League pitcher and instructor at the school, was the coach in the 1920s and '30s. Professor Milton Cummings is mentioned as the coach in the 1940s, and then for a number of years Clark Whited was the coach. Baseball continues today at Brockport as it has in one form or another for over 125 years!

Baseball picture from the early 1950s

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