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The story of interscholastic team sports at Brockport begins with reports of baseball games in the post Civil War years.

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Next to come was football, and then at the turn of the century the newly invented game of basketball proved immensely popular, and was to be the most popular sport at Brockport for many years. As time went on other sports came in, like tennis in the 1930s.

It may seem odd in references to early games to read that the opposing team was a high school team or a team of amateurs from a local town, but schools and sports were different then. Well into this century high school students were often older than today's students, farm boys who took longer to get through or returned after taking time off, and Normal School students were usually not much older than high school students, if not the same age - the Normal School course was only 2-3 years then. So it wasn't necessarily 21 year olds beating up on 17 year olds! Thus for many years the school's opponents were a mix of local college, high school and amateur teams. In Spring 1928 representatives of the Normal Schools and other area colleges met and established an athletic conference whose members were all institutions of higher education. Interscholastic, collegiate conference level sports date from the Fall of 1928. Enjoy your tour of this sampler of men's sport history!

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