Men's Soccer

Soccer started at Brockport in Fall 1931 with a Freshman team playing in a local soccer league against mostly high school teams.

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By the early 1940s the team was playing on the collegiate level against opponents like the University of Rochester and Oswego. Ernest Tuttle was the coach at that time, but during WWII the sport drops out of sight, doubtless because of the shortage of men.

Coach A. Huntley Parker and his players, 1950s

At the game in the 1950s. Coach Parker, Brockport's most successful soccer coach, is second from left.

In the 1948-1949 school year soccer reappeared and in a short time became one of the most prominent and successful sports at Brockport, and continues today. Typical of the writeups at the time was this one from the 1951 Saga,

"Under the capable tutelege of Coach Huntley "Pud" Parker, the 1951 Golden Eagles flew to glorious heights and scored six straight victories to become the first undefeated and untied soccer teams at State. The Parkermen upheld their national reputations as one of the finest squads in the country with the announcement that Gene Orbaker, who performed at left halfback, was selected on the first eleven on the All-American soccer team."

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