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Photograph of the 1920 basketball team

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The 1920 basketball team.

One of the earliest mentions of women's basketball is in the Brockport Republic for February 19, 1903

"It is understood that on one afternoon of the week exhibition games of basket ball will be played by both the young ladies and the young men of the school..."

Games were well attended, at least some of them, as evidenced by the following from the Brockport Republic of March 17, 1904

"The girls basketball team from the Albion High School came down Friday night, accompanied by about one hundred and fifty friends... (Brockport 7, Albion 9.)"

From early in the 1900s until 1924 Brockport had a team that played other schools, and apparently was quite successful most seasons. Then in 1924-1925 the shift to intramural sports under the guidance of a school athletic association described at length in the Women's Sports page took place, and with the exception of the "sportsdays" play was all intramural until the mid-1960s.

1950s picture of an intramural basketball game

Women's intramural basketball game, 1950s.

The Stylus on December 17, 1965 mentions Coach Shirley Carmichael and her selections for the honor team. The article also reported on the following game too

"Scoring a 69 to 15 victory against Niagara University, the Brockport team executed a fast break strategy. The offense was quite strong and control of the boards both offensively and defensively was constant."

This was part of the progression from intramural to interscholastic play - the better players were selected for an "honor team" through intramural play, and they then competed against other schools on sportsdays which were held more and more often. The team was often refered to in the Stylus as the "Lassie Hoopsters" or the "Eaglettes." In December of 1966 the team is described as a "varsity" rather than as an "honor" team for the first time.

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