Field Hockey  Team, 1932

(Field hockey players ca1932.) According to the 1932 Saga, "Hockey was first introduced to Brockport Normal in 1928 by Miss Schroeder, the head of the physical education department.

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Despite the fact that the game is practically new here, every athletically-inclined girl has shown an interest in it. The number that came out this year greatly exceeded that of the first year. Every girl is given a chance to play, as hockey is a gymn class activity... The game ranks with basketball and baseball as a major sport, and offers excellent opportunity for every type of young woman...

The hockey season began about two weeks after the fall season (semester) and extended throughout the middle of November. Practice games were held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school..." The popularity of the sport waxed and waned over the years as it was played at the intramural level, according to the mention or lack thereof of the sport in the Stylus and the Saga. In the 1960's field hockey followed the same path as other women's sports, growing from "club" to "varsity" status. The Stylus on September 30, 1966 had the following,

"Congratulations to the newly formed Brockport Field Hockey Club... Under the enthusiastic leadership of Miss Chiocca, these hockey enthusiasts voted to take advantage of the affiliation with a larger and more organized club. The Brockport club will be affiliated with the Finger Lakes Field Hockey Association... Club members will now be able to participate in local and sectional competition."
In 1968 the Stylus began referring to "Women's Varsity Field Hockey." A story with that headline ran first on October 18, 1968, reporting that,
"The first hockey team scored its first win by blanking visiting Cortland 7-0 last Friday. Brockport had a 2-0 halftime lead... Excellent team work was very much in evidence. Everyone really cut for the ball..."

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