Teaching and Curriculum

Our school traces its roots back to the Brockport Collegiate Institute, which opened for classes in December 1841.

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The Institute was a private academy which offered several different curricular options or tracks, running from a classical course in Rhetoric, Greek and Latin to a teacher training class. Then in 1867 the Institute was converted into the Brockport State Normal School, a state school for training teachers.

Normal School class

The Normal School became a Teacher's College in 1942, and then in the early 1960s began the transition to a liberal arts school. Coming up to the present we have the school of today, which offers a mix of liberal arts and professional preparation curricula. There is a long, rich heritage at Brockport of teaching, scholarship and service. Take a moment to click on the options below and see what a student studied here a century ago, or learn about some of the men and women who have worked here over the generations.

Last Updated 2/14/18

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