The College at Brockport values the diversity of all of its community, including faculty, staff, students and visitors, and we work hard to ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

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A message from the Chief Diversity Officer

It is my privilege to oversee the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, where we are committed to providing all members of the Brockport community with guidance, resources, services and supports to capitalize on the advantages afforded through the intentional pursuit and attainment of inclusive excellence.

It is the responsibility of all community members to be respectful and promote an academic and professional environment conducive to growth and learning of all people. Honoring the values of the College’s Strategic Plan, we are dedicated to providing our students, faculty and staff with initiatives that focus on becoming a “Great Place to Learn and Work.”

Recognizing that diversity is more than the unique attributes that divide us, we are equally committed to highlighting the many ways we are the same – creating meaningful and collaborative partnerships benefiting all.  It is my hope that by facilitating opportunities fostering equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) all community members can embrace our institutional charge of Building a Better Brockport, together!

Dr. Cephas Archie
Chief Diversity Officer



The College at Brockport defines diversity as differences in lived experiences, perspectives, and social identities; these are intersectional and have been shaped by structures of power and privilege, and histories of exclusion and activism. 


The College at Brockport defines equity as equal opportunity and access to resources necessary for full participation and growth. Achieving equity requires recognizing inequalities and intentionally supporting marginalized groups by removing social and structural barriers.  


The College at Brockport defines inclusion as the practice of creating an environment that facilitates the full engagement of all.  An inclusive environment allows for authentic participation and a true sense of belonging that fosters dialogue and connections among individuals and communities.  

*Endorsed by College Senate 4/22/19, Resolution 56_18-19 and 57_18-19


Last Updated 10/4/19

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