Bias Reporting Compliance Procedure

The Bias Response and Reporting System (hereinafter referred to as the System) will enable the College to track bias-related incidents and to report them to the necessary authorities and units, as well as to identify gaps in knowledge within the College community where educational intervention may play a useful role.

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The System will be coordinated by the Bias Response Coordination Team (BRCT) composed of the College’s Chief Diversity Officer and separately-appointed representatives from Human Resources, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs. Upon receipt of an report through the System, the BRCT will consult to determine the proper officials, units and/or departments to refer the incident report. In addition to referring matters to appropriate areas, the BRCT will provide liaisons for affected parties, track numbers, locations, and types of reports, recommend service or educational follow up, and report (as appropriate or applicable) to state or other external constituencies.

The term "bias related incident" refers to language and/or behaviors which demonstrate bias against persons or groups because of factors (actual or perceived) such as: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, creed, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, medical condition, disability, marital status, familial status, pregnancy, predisposing genetic characteristics, veteran status, domestic violence victim status, ex-offender status, and/or socioeconomic status.

The BRCT will be a referring, recommending, resource, and recording body. Incidents will be referred to already existing bodies for action. The BRCT will not be endowed with any additional authority and will not create new policies or rules; rather, it will work within existing College rules and policies. The BRCT may propose new policies to established College Senate Policy committees within College Senate or the appropriate College authority for policy approval.

The members of the Advisor Team will function as liaisons and resources for individuals involved in bias related incidents. The Advisor Team will be composed of members of the College community with background education in and knowledge about one or more forms of marginalized social identity along the lines of which social bias incidents might take place. These individuals will come from diverse areas of the College to insure that there are unbiased mediators and liaisons available for each incident. Members will meet each semester for discussion and training where appropriate.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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