Five Phases of Study


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Phase I

Initial Proposal Meetings & Focus Groups

  • Presentation of proposal to the CSTF & other constituent groups
  • The meetings are conducted to prepare the campus community for the climate project and have community input into the project process
  • Focus Groups Work with the CSTF to:
    • Identify and populate the focus groups
    • Develop the protocol for the focus groups
    • The focus group facilitators are selected and trained by the consultant

Phase II

Assessment Tool Development, Communication Plan, IRB Proposal

  • Development of assessment tool
    • Development of web based and/or paper & pencil survey instruments
  • Develop communication plan for the assessment
    • Coordination with the CSTF on the marketing and communication plan strategy (e.g., letter of invitation, talking points to be shared among the constituent groups)
  • IRB proposal o Development of proposal in collaboration with institutional contact

Phase III

Survey Implementation & Data Analysis

  • Survey administration (design, methods, sampling) and monitoring o Consultation with the CSTF and other constituent representatives on the strategy for administration that will yield the highest response rates
  • Data coding and database management
  • Data analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency tables) as deemed appropriate by Rankin & Associates, The College at Brockport, SUNY Proposal Page 6 of 16 Rankin & Associates, Consulting

Phase IV.

Development & Presentation of Report

  • Development of draft report (executive summary, data presentation, and report findings) o The CSTF will review the draft report and provide consultant with recommended revisions
    • The CSTF will review the recommended revisions with the consultant and agree upon said revisions for inclusion in the final report
  • Development of final report (executive summary, data presentation, and report findings)
  • Presentation of final report to the CSTF & other constituent groups

Phase V.

Facilitate Planning Retreat

  • Assist the community in developing strategic actions that respond to the results of the internal assessment.

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