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Campus Climate Survey: Tell Us What's Important

The Campus Climate Survey has been taken and the results have been shared. Now it's time for the campus to help determine where to go from here.

The Campus Climate Task Force has now moved on to “next steps” and is calling on all members of the campus community to participate in Forums to identify 2-3 specific actions that the College could accomplish in the coming academic year based on these survey results. During these forums you will be asked to discuss potential responses to the following questions:

  • What issues from the Campus Climate survey data findings do you think should be priorities for Brockport to address?
  • What concrete steps can the college take to address these priorities? Can we develop specific strategies for which we can chart our progress moving forward?

Please sign up on the Post-Survey Forums Campus Climate for one of the forums to share your thoughts about what we can do as a campus community to address the concerns raised in the study.

Campus Climate Forum

Survey Report Documents

On April 22, 2014, Dr. Sue Rankin presented the results the campus climate survey to the College community. Those documents are available here (requires College NetID):

Survey Data

The Office of Institutional Research & Analysis is the custodian of raw data from the Study. Individuals can request access to the data. Proposals are reviewed by Campus Climate Task Force Leadership Team, who will ensure the size of the sample of interest is large enough to allow for the confidentiality of participants to be preserved.

Next Steps

In fall 2014, the Campus Climate Task Force will sponsor a series of community forums to review and reflect on the results of the survey. Based on the discussions, the Task Force will then propose 2-3 specific actions the College could accomplish in 2015 to President's Cabinet.

Survey Data Collection Complete

The Campus Climate Task Force would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete this important survey.  Rankin & Associates Consulting, of Howard, PA, is now analyzing the data collected. They will spend the next few months drafting a report, which will be presented to the campus community in the spring. The report will lead to a plan for strategic initiatives to improve our campus climate. Updates will be posted on this page.

Preliminary participation results

Participants Percentage
Faculty 48%
Staff 61%
Undergraduate Students 23%
Graduate Students 16%
Total Participation 28%

Congratulations to drawing winners

iPad Mini Winners:

Winner Role
Howard Skogman Faculty
Kelsey Hogan Student

$50 Easy Money Cards:

Winner Role
Stephanie Young Student
Tabitha Gallimore REOC Faculty
Cathy Houston-Wilson Faculty
Alyssa Mitchell Student
Emily Taner Student
Jeleda Stewart Student
Amelia Zaengle Student
Michael Harrison Staff

Brockport is committed to the core principle that human diversity enriches our lives, and is fundamental to the College’s commitment to teaching, learning, scholarship, and service leading to student success. Providing a positive, inclusive, healthy campus climate is one of the goals written into our current strategic plan for diversity. A healthy campus climate in which diverse people feel welcomed, respected, and valued fosters effective collaboration among faculty and staff and provides a community in which diverse students can achieve academic success.

To meet our diversity goals President Halstead has charged a Campus Climate Task Force and the consulting firm of Rankin and Associates has been retained to conduct a comprehensive Campus Climate Survey. Together the task force and consultant have formulated a timeline to conduct focus groups, develop the assessment tool, conduct the study in fall 2013, and deliver a detailed analysis and report by spring 2014.

The entire process will require the the participation of the entire campus community gather information that will result in data that will inform improvements in our living, learning, and working environment

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