Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Champion Award Recipient


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The 2020 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Champion:

Ann Pearlman

Mrs. Ann Pearlman

Mrs. Ann Pearlman is the Coordinator of Curriculum Internationalization and International Online Learning in the Center for Global Education and Engagement. During her tenure at Brockport, Mrs. Pearlman has been a champion for accessibility and inclusion especially in online settings. She developed a Handbook for Hybrid and Online Teaching for the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching that includes universal design methods for faculty. She is a committee reviewer for the OSCQR Rubric addressing accessibility of online course material and serves on the committee for disability awareness. Mrs. Pearlman has demonstrated great passion for, and leadership in, internationalizing the curriculum at Brockport. As chair of the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Standing Committee, she supports student global competencies and faculty opportunities for professional international experiences. She has published an article on COIL in the International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning and has taught several COIL courses with partners from Canada, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The use of COIL has connected Brockport students in joint collaborative learning using a variety online platforms with a number of students in universities from different countries including but not limited to Russia, China, Lebanon, and Scotland. She frequently promotes COIL across campus and fosters relationships with potential COIL partners at institutions abroad through conferences and networking opportunities. She also provides extensive support to faculty in the development and troubleshooting of COIL courses. She is very passionate about improving cultural competencies in all students—not only the students who are able to study abroad. Mrs. Pearlman is a pioneer in the area of COIL and has not only brought it to Brockport, but through her hard work and dedication has enabled it to flourish.

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