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There are various trainings available to campus community members. If you would like to request one of the following trainings for your classroom, office, or department please complete the short form below.

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Description of Training Offered

Accommodation Planning

This workshop explains the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) evaluation and intake process that students with disabilities experience in order to obtain academic supports in the classroom. After fully investigating the process from the students' point of view, we analyze the faculty-driven side of facilitating an interactive planning process when a student discloses that they are registered with SAS and have an accommodation letter. This workshop, intended for faculty and staff, provides a full scope of the interactive accommodation process from all perspectives and provides useful strategies and tools for engaging in the disclosure process. 


This training will equip participants with the knowledge to understand what an ally is and what an ally is not. Participants will learn how to develop their allyship and strategies to take on the problems of oppression as their own in order to effectively participate in social justice.


EagleCHECK is an intentional decision an individual or group makes to intervene in a situation that has the potential to be risky, dangerous, harmful, hurtful or an emergency. During this training participants will identify situations that an EagleCHECK may be appropriate, barriers that may prevent them from intervening, and strategies to intervene utilizing the 3 D's: Direct, Delegate and Distract.

Green Dot 

This training prepares participants to intervene as bystanders in situations pertaining to stalking, relationship violence, and sexual violence. Participants will proactively discuss and practice ways to intervene in order to promote a healthy and safe Brockport community.

Harassment Prevention (US) 

Learn to better make all feel welcome in the workplace. Interactive exercises present realistic situations, covering many aspects of what you can do to promote a harassment and discrimination free workplace.

Hazard Communication (US) 

As of December 1, 2013, OSHA requires all employees to be trained on the new Hazardous Communication Standard (HCS) for labels and Safety Data Sheets. OSHA has adopted the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and made major changes to both labels and data sheets.

How Faculty Can Talk to Students About Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues among college students continue to rise, having an impact on faculty, staff and other students. Most of you probably feel unprepared to respond to situations where students are exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being. This workshop, will provide strategies on how to best assist students as well as effectively manage disruptive classroom behavior.  In addition, we will also provide you with the College resources available to assist you and your students.

Implicit Bias & Microaggressions 

This training will educate participants in understanding and recognizing the harmful impacts of implicit bias and microaggressions. This training will also provide tools to engage others when microaggressions occur and strategies to reduce bias in our community.

Racial Justice Trainings: Creating Space for Change

This training provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the workings of individual and institutional racism. This training also creates space for dialogue about opportunities for racial justice.

Recognize & Respond 

This workshop (intended for student workers, RAs, and RDs) examines the pathway that students take from the K-12 special education system to college. The goal of this workshop is for participants to recognize when a student in distress may benefit from receiving referrals to appropriate campus-based and community-wide services for academic supports.  

Safe Zone

This training will provide an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender, and sexuality. Participants will examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege associated with LGBTQ+ identities. A thorough discussion of vocabulary and terms will better equip participants with more inclusive language to use in their work and learning spaces.

Self-Advocacy: Disability Training

The workshop will identify ableism and prepare you to advocate for yourself and others in a positive and proactive way that promotes good employee relations applicable to any work or volunteer environment. This training is open to all students, faculty and staff and any individuals who work with ACCES-VR for services. The "Self-Advocacy: Disability" training is sponsored by the Regional Center for Independent Living Peer Services Grant and will be presented by Damita Peace.

Student Accessibility Services

This workshop will present the top five nationwide trends in Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and correlate those findings to available resources at Brockport. The workshop’s goal is to exhibit The College at Brockport’s commitment to retention and academic success of underrepresented students. Attendees will gain insights on an interactive communication process which fosters inclusion and equity through empowerment, engagement, and self-advocacy. Dual perspectives of students who self-advocate when disclosing accommodations and faculty who facilitate an interactive accommodation planning process will be explained and explored. Resources will be provided.

Title IX – Title IX & College Compliance

This training will educate participants on their Title IX rights and obligations regarding these state and federal laws to ensure that all Title IX reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, are immediately investigated and addressed. Participants will gain an understanding of the College’s obligations, policies, and procedures under Title IX. Participants will also understand their own rights and responsibilities under Title IX. 

Understanding Ableism & Accessibility  

This training will assist participants in defining ableism as a form of oppression, exploring cultural understandings of disability, understanding how society replicates ableism, and considering ways to make our community more inclusive of all bodies and minds.

Universal Design Learning (UDL) for Tutors 

This is an introductory workshop focused on providing an understanding the basic principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how to harness the power of universal teaching and universal learning practices in the scope of a tutoring session. A thorough discussion of the 3 principles of UDL will be discussed and a full exploration of the specialized tutor menu will solidify the participants’ knowledge of the resources available when reaching all learners in the academic tutoring environment. 

Van Training Program

This training program has an online course that you complete on your own schedule, followed by a live driving experience. This is only required the first time, after this you are only required to take the refresher training. Get more information.

Additional Training Opportunities

Center for Learning and Teaching (CELT) 

Offers a variety of workshops, Blackboard training, reading groups, and much more. The center also has a resource library and consultation to develop instructional skills.

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