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As part of the public identity development, The College at Brockport has a new graphic identity and logo.

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The details about the new identity and other useful information including recommended fonts and color palette are included in the Graphic Standards Guide.

The Shield

The development of our graphic identity, namely the shield, is also rooted in the heart - and history - of the College.

The Brockport shield features two key elements – the College’s date of founding and a torch. The date, 1835, references the year the Brockport Collegiate Institute first opened its doors to students. With land and money donated by Heil Brockway, a Baptist organization built the school for the citizens of the region. Pre-dating the University of Rochester, the Brockport Collegiate Institute and its founders were true pioneers.

The torch in the center of the shield is borrowed from the statue, Prometheus, who stands in front of the Allen Administration Building. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the patron of human civilization and is credited with bringing the “flame of knowledge” - and a literal flame - to man. Prometheus is described in literature as wise, creative, compassionate and beautiful.

The sculpture, radiating rays of light and wisdom, was a gift, along with Happiness for All the Children of the World (also known as Special Olympics Fountain) from the Soviet Union and Georgian artist Zurab Tsereteli in honor of the International Special Olympics, which were hosted by the College in 1979. The sculptures serve as lasting symbols of the twin themes of engagement and community outreach that are so characteristic of the College and the sense of profound gratitude felt by those who attended the games.

The decision to memorialize the founding of College while acknowledging a defining event in its history — an event which symbolizes the very character of the College — marks a new era in the way the College communicates it vitality and honors its history. This evocative new symbol presents another opportunity to share the Brockport experience and all that makes it unique.

Last Updated 2/26/18

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