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The College at Brockport believes that each student is a dynamic, multi-dimensional individual with a unique blend of talents and skills rich with promise

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The journey of self-discovery and personal development that a Brockport education sets in motion knows no bounds, because every question that is explored and mastered reveals the starting point for what can happen next: the next big idea; the next great discussion; the next personal best.

Brockport people take student success personally. Our professors, coaches, and staff are experienced at recognizing in each individual the seeds of talents and the potential for their growth. Through wide-ranging conversations and close collaborations, students gain confidence in the full range of their abilities as active, innovative scholars. Empowered by self-knowledge, Brockport students are fully-engaged partners and responsible colleagues in their education who contribute meaningfully to the experience of the community at large. A strong sense of owning their education inspires Brockport students to embrace challenge, to champion ideas, and to acknowledge accomplishment. They carry their excitement for learning into lives of personal fulfillment and purposeful ambition. They know they are ready for whatever comes next.

The College at Brockport is committed to fostering a learning community in which each member takes responsibility for contributing to and celebrating the success of others. This is our promise - to reveal to each student, each day, his or her capacity for intellectual, physical, and creative accomplishment.

Last Updated 2/26/18

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