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The identity tools consist of our promise, our positioning statement and our key messages

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Our identity integration is an example of how the elements of identity can be pulled together in an evocative, cohesive statement.

Our Promise

Promise - The College at Brockport promises to reveal to each student each day his or her capacity for intellectual, physical and creative accomplishment.

Our promise is the fundamental statement of the work of The College at Brockport. Through our unwavering commitment to our students – each student, each day – we help them to see their potential – reveal their capacity – in the three main modes of human expression – the intellectual, the physical and the creative – so that they may accomplish their dreams.

To fulfill this promise demands the tireless dedication of the campus community, strong and supportive faculty-student relationships, and respect for and recognition of all areas of study and human endeavor as worthwhile to the development of the whole person.

Positioning Statement

The public identity of The College at Brockport is built on the truth of this institution; it is a reflection of those who know the College best and care for it most. Our brand promise, positioning statement, and key messages are tools that will allow our community to consistently describe the distinctive academic tradition at Brockport, our unique and engaging learning environment and the lifelong impact that this institution has on our alumni, their families and the communities in which they live.

Through consistent use of these messages, we can strengthen the image of the College not only in the hearts and minds of our campus community but we can also reach out and connect with others across the region, the nation and the world, making a clear and powerful statement about the quality of the educational experience that can be found here.

Last Updated 2/26/18

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