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Copy Code/Pin Numbers

Copy Code/PIN numbers are required to make copies and are assigned on your first day of class after a brief training on the MetroCenter copier (additional training sessions are available with the secretary by appointment). Departments are billed at the end of each semester for the copies made during the semester. * Please note that students are not authorized to make copies on the MetroCenter copier.

Copy Jobs

If you would like a MetroCenter staff member to process your copy job, you may fill out a Copy Request Form available online or in room 326 on the wall to the left of the copier. Please allow 5 business days for copy job completion.

There is a [325] page limit per copy job. When you have copy jobs that exceed 325 total pages, you will need to make arrangements to have your copy job printed by the campus print shop or sent to your department secretary. Copy jobs can be sent via campus inter- office mail to the print shop. You may have your completed copy orders delivered to the MetroCenter via campus inter-office mail. You will need to plan the time needed to complete and receive your copy jobs accordingly.

Mail items going to Campus for processing are delivered on a daily basis. There is a 10-lb weight limit for these items. Inter-office mail from Campus and US Mail are processed daily. Please leave any outgoing mail in Room 326. Inter-office envelopes are available for your use in Room 324.

Copyright Law

Please note that MetroCenter staff will not process copy jobs that are clear infringements of copyright law. If you have specific questions regarding the number of permissible copies, copyright law implications, copyright issues, information assistance, and using e-reserves, you should contact Linda Hacker, Librarian, at (585) 395-2770.

Your cooperation on the items above will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Last Updated 10/30/17

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