These guidelines establish priorities for the use of The College at Brockport MetroCenter facility to ensure that the facility is available to serve the interests of the MetroCenter and of The College at Brockport as a whole.

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Part of the College mission is to ensure that classroom and meeting spaces continue to be available for MetroCenter faculty, staff and students. To this end, some facilities may be held in reserve at various times of the year for the exclusive or priority use of the MetroCenter/College community. MetroCenter facilities will be available for use in accordance with the following guidelines. Reservations will be made on a first-request basis, subject to the need of the facility for a higher-priority MetroCenter/College use.

MetroCenter Facility Use Priorities & Designations

  • MetroCenter uses directly serve the primary College purposes of credit-bearing courses, course/program related activities, etc. and receive priority. Programs coordinated by Brockport faculty/staff as a formal portion of academic/service office activities do not require separate Department Head/Director approval. A member of the department must be present throughout the event.
  • Sponsored uses serve educational, governance or external relations purposes of general importance to the MetroCenter and/or College as a whole. These activities may be primarily for College participants (e.g., a Bar Association mock trial sponsored by Political Science; a GEVA workshop sponsored by Theatre; a training session funded through a departmental grant) or activities in which College participants are involved as part of a separate organization (e.g., a professional organization meeting, of which an instructor [or staff] is a member, a community roundtable discussion, a press conference, a community art exhibit, dignitary forums, panelist discussions, etc.).
  • The chair/director of the sponsoring department must agree to be financially liable for any loss/damage incurred. A representative or designee from the sponsoring department must be present throughout the event. If a College department is not willing to be liable and the program is being conducted by an external organization, a revocable permit will be required.
  • External Organization uses primarily serve non-profit groups and commercial organizations with an educationally related purpose. These events are not sponsored by the MetroCenter or College. All such events require a revocable permit (valid for one year) and may require written explanation of the educational nature of proposed activities. Revocable permits must be authorized by the Office of Finance and Management at The College at Brockport.

Guidelines for Reserving MetroCenter Facilities

  • To obtain information about how to reserve space and to submit a Facility Use Application, call the MetroCenter Event Coordinator at (585) 395-8482 or email
  • The Facility Use Application must be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to an event in the Grand Hallway, Golden Eagle Room or Computer Labs. A walk-through is required before submitting the application for these rooms. The customer will receive either a confirmation or denial within 10 business days after a completed application is submitted.
  • The Vice President for Advancement must approve programs being held for The College at Brockport fundraising purposes.
  • Use of outdoor facilities by external groups is prohibited.
  • Facility use may be denied based on facility capacity limitations, potential disruption to instruction, appropriateness of the activity, or security issues.

Use Fees

Use of MetroCenter facilities may be subject to fees to cover utilities, maintenance, security, and other costs. If special services and/or equipment from the MetroCenter are required, additional charges may be made for these services.

  • Fees for all facilities will be paid according to the MetroCenter Facility Use Rates and AV equipment rates.
  • Upon request for use of the MetroCenter facilities, the fee to be assessed will be determined and the user notified in writing. Rates for facilities will be assessed according to the specific facility use and the organization’s relationship with the College (i.e., MetroCenter, Sponsored or External Organization).
  • The user agrees to pay the balance of the facility use bill within 30 days of event/use completion.
  • A 50% room rate is charged if the event is cancelled less than three (3) days prior to the event.

Terms of Use

MetroCenter facilities require certain restrictions to protect The College at Brockport/MetroCenter primary functions, public image, institutional integrity and tax-exempt status. Activities may not impede, hinder, or disrupt teaching and learning. The College at Brockport, the State University of New York, and the State of New York rules and regulations must be respected and adhered to by all users of facilities. These rules include but are not limited to the following:

  • An approved list of caterers is provided, and the use of other caterers will require appropriate documentation, such as health certificate, liability insurance, etc.
  • Rental of furniture or equipment not available at the MetroCenter will the responsibility of the user, but such rentals must be coordinated in advance with MetroCenter staff to ensure suitability for the facility.
  • Users may state or imply College sponsorship or endorsement of their activities only with written College consent.
  • The filming or photographing of activities or facilities at the MetroCenter requires prior approval by the MetroCenter executive director.
  • There must be one instructor or supervisor minimally, for every forty eight (48) guests and one supervisor for every five (5) guests, if they are minors (<18 yrs. old). The person in charge is expected to communicate, monitor, and enforce the “House Rules”.
  • No equipment may be brought into the MetroCenter and connected with the electric or data service without permission of the on-site administrator. Use of MetroCenter equipment may require training prior to the event.
  • Software loading requests must be made within two (2) weeks of the scheduled event and software must be received within five (5) working days of the event. Proof of software licensing is required before software will be loaded on the computers.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the computer lab/classrooms or while operating any AV/IT equipment. Individuals violating this policy may be asked to leave.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all College buildings and must occur outside at designated smoking areas, and at least 20 feet away from any entrance/exit.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed in the MetroCenter only with advanced, written approval by the Office of the President and in compliance with the MetroCenter Alcohol Policy.
  • Users may not engage in activity that interferes with the College’s/MetroCenter programs and freedom of movement by the MetroCenter community. Users must communicate with College/MetroCenter representatives in an appropriate, professional manner. Users who are disruptive may be removed from the premises and may be prosecuted for trespassing if they refuse to leave.
  • Costs for any damage to the building or equipment will be billed to and paid by the organization/user authorized on the application.
  • All facilities must be left in the same condition in which they were found and ready for subsequent use.
  • The person in charge of activity is required to limit the attendance so as to not exceed the safe capacity of facility.
  • The College/MetroCenter may impose additional or special restrictions on facility use as needed.
  • Users must agree and abide to all Facility Use Policies as stated in the Facility Use Application. Failure to comply may result in event cancellation.
  • No open flames, lit candles, etc. are permitted in the MetroCenter at anytime.

ID Protocol for MetroCenter Events

  • It is the responsibility of the hosting department/organization to manage the guest registration for events with 25 guests and above; a representative of the department/organization is required to manage the table one hour to forty-five minutes prior to the event starting. A sample of the ID badge for the event must be provided to the events coordinator at least one business day prior to the event.
  • If there is no RSVP and more than 25 guests for events taking place in the Grand Hallway or the Golden Eagle Room, the hosting department/organization is required to set-up and staff a registration table for guest check-in. The registration table will be located in the Grand Hallway, adjacent to the security guard desk.
  • Events having fewer than 25 guests require a “guest list” to be submitted to the events coordinator at least one business day prior to the event of all people attending. Please include expected arrival and departure times, as well as room destination

Last Updated 4/9/18

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