"Statistically, downtown Rochester is one of the safest parts of the city."
Captain Thomas D'Angelo, Commanding Officer, RPD. Downtown Section.

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Is downtown safe?

Downtown is one of the safest parts of the city according to RPD statistics. The Downtown Section police offer us some basic safety tips to stay safe:

  • avoid panhandlers
  • don't walk alone
  • lock your vehicle
  • keep your personal items out of view by placing them in your trunk BEFORE you park your car

Take a proactive approach to safety. Get to know your surroundings, classmates, instructors and MetroCenter staff. If you have any questions regarding your safety, contact security or call 3-1-1 or 9-1-1 immediately.

Why do I have to show my student ID when asked?

Showing your student ID is our way of verifying that you are indeed, a Brockport student. Because you are a Brockport student, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges, including the right to feel safe. Every person in the MetroCenter is either a Brockport student, faculty/staff member, a building tenant, or a visitor. These are safety measures that we take at the MetroCenter to provide a safe learning environment. Please help us help you stay safe.

What if I lose my student ID or forget to bring it?

If you lose your student ID, contact the BASC office at (585) 395-2570 immediately. Inform this office of the lost card so that it can be canceled and no new charges (library or dining services) can be added to it. You will have to pay a $25 replacement fee to have a new card re-issued. If you forget to bring your ID, you will be asked to show another form of picture identification. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How safe is my car?

You can decrease the likelihood of your car being vandalized by doing the following: Park in a well-lit area near other parked vehicles, keep valuables (purses, wallets, PCs, etc.) out of sight or not in your car at all, and if you must put valuables in your trunk, do it before you park your car.

Will someone walk me to my car?

In the evening, a security escort is available to walk you to your car within one block of the building. Ask a guard at the building entrance or a MetroCenter staff member on the third floor to assist you in requesting an escort.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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