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Mission, Goals and Assessment: Standards 1 and 7

Steering Committee Liaison:
Andrea Rubery, PhD, Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies

Subcommittee Chairs:
Jeffrey T. Lashbrook, PhD, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Research & Analysis
Michael Fox, PhD, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Subcommittee Members:
Leah Bradley, MPH, Research Assistant, Institutional Research & Analysis
Alisia Chase, PhD, Associate Professor, Art
Karen Diamond, MBA, Senior Staff Associate, Advancement
Carol Godsave, MA, Visiting Assistant Professor, Educational Administration
Debra Joseph-McEwen, Graduate Student, Education and Human Development (Childhood Literacy)
Dena Levy, PhD, Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies
Trish Ralph, MA, Associate Professor and Chair, Theatre
Brad Schreiber, MS, Director of Development, Development Office
Bernie Valento, MS, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Planning and Resource Allocation: Standards 2 and 3

Steering Committee Liaisons:
Leah Barrett, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Karen Riotto, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Management

Subcommittee Chairs:
Julie Morgan, MS, Assistant Budget Director, Budgeting
Ginny Orzel, MFA, Assistant Professor, Communication

Subcommittee Members:
Vishal Anand, PhD, Associate Professor Computer Science
Julie Ford, PhD, Associate Professor and Co-Chair, Sociology
Joe Franek, MA, Director, Residential Life
Linda Hacker, MS/MLS, Associate Librarian, Library, Information and Technology Services
Scott Haines, MS, Director, Recreational Services
Donald Kent, PhD, Associate Professor, Business-Economics
Teresa Donnelly-Major, BA, Director, Student Accounts
Adam Rich, PhD, Associate Professor, Biology
Brianna Sepulveda, Undergraduate Student, Sociology

Shared Governance, Ethics and Administration: Standards 4, 5, and 6

Steering Committee Liaisons:
Jeff Smith, MPA, Director, Technology Support Services, Library, Information and Technology Services
John Daly, PhD, College Senate President 2011-2012, Associate Professor, History

Subcommittee Chairs:
Joe Chesebro, EdD, Associate Professor, Communication
Linda Snell, DNS, Associate Dean, School of Health and Human Performance; Associate Professor, Nursing

Subcommittee Members:
Jeremy Babcock, MS, Student Conduct Coordinator, Residential Life
Gordon Barnes, PhD, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Nicholas Delaney, Graduate Student, Counselor Education
Jennifer Hecker, MFA, Professor, Art
Gary Owens, MSEd, Director, EOP, Arthur O. Eve EOP
Mike Pelletier, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biology
Karen Podsiadly, MS, Director Community Development, Community Development
Sheila Strong, MPA, Assistant to the President, Office of the President

Student Recruitment, Support and Retention: Standards 8 and 9

Steering Committee Liaisons:
J. Scott Atkinson, MS, Director, Enrollment Services
Elisabeth Gonzalez, MA, Assistant Director, Student Learning Center

Subcommittee Chairs:
Rob Blanchet, MA, Senior Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions
James Georger, MS, Lecturer, Delta College

Subcommittee Members:
David Bagley, MS, Associate Director, Residential Life
Tayler Brown, Undergraduate Student, CMC & International Studies
Libby Caruso, MS, Director, Student Health & Counseling
Moira Fallon, PhD, Associate Professor, Education and Human Development
Edward Giblin, MA, Assistant Chief of Police, University Police
Anne Macpherson, PhD, Associate Professor, History
Maryellen Post, MS, Coordinator, Office for Students with Disabilities
Erin Rickman, MA, Senior Admissions Advisor, Student Retention
Megan Sarkis, BA, Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions
Sophea C. So, MPA, Academic Coordinator, Arthur O Eve Educational Opportunity Program

Faculty and Academics: Standards 10, 11 and 12

Steering Committee Liaisons:
Janie Hinds, PhD, Professor, Department of English
Jamie Spiller, PhD, Associate Professor, History

Subcommittee Chairs:
Diane Dwyer, MSW, Associate Dean, School of Education and Human Services
Jose Maliekal, PhD, Associate Dean, School of Science and Mathematics; Associate Professor, Earth Sciences

Subcommittee Members:
Deb Birkins, MS, Acting Director, Academic Advisement
Kathryn Clark, PhD, Associate Professor, History
Sarah Georger, MA, Coordinator, Living & Learning Community, Residential Life
Roger Kurtz, PhD, Professor and Chair, English
Gabriel Marshall, MS, Senior Counselor, Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program
Susan Novinger, PhD, Associate Professor, Education & Human Development
Summer Reiner, PhD, Assistant Professor , Counselor Education
Megan Walck, Undergraduate Student, Business

Related Educational Activities: Standard 13

Steering Committee Liaisons:
Faith Prather, PhD, Associate Professor, Public Administration
Leah Barrett, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Subcommittee Chairs:
Kathy Groves, MS, Executive Director for the Center for Continuing Professional Education
Karen Schuhle-Williams, PhD, Executive Director, MetroCenter; Director, Special Sessions and Programs

Subcommittee Members:
Kim Bilinski, BS, Residence Hall Director, Residential Life
Latasha Craig, MPA, Counselor, Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program
Rob DiCarlo, MPA, Assistant Director, Career Services
Richard Felerski, BS, Network/Systems Administrator, Library, Information and Technology Services
Shirley Shaw, MSEd, Assistant Professor and Chair, Educational Opportunity Center, Business and Information Technology
Jacqueline Thomas-Bell, MA, Study Abroad Program Advisor, International Education
Lisa M. Thompson, MBA, Undergraduate Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions
Carla Vazquez, MA, Certified Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center
James Whorton, PhD, Associate Professor, English
Daniel Zdanowski, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry/Certification

Student Learning, Assessment and Continuous Improvement: Standard 14

Steering Committee Liaison:
Kad Lakshmanan, PhD, Professor, Computer Science

Subcommittee Chairs:
Eileen Daniel, EdD, Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs; Professor, Health Science
Kathy Lalonde, PhD, PEU Assessment Coordinator, Professional Education

Subcommittee Members:
Dan Askey, MS, Assistant Director, EOP Services, Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program
Ginny Bacheler, MS, Associate Dean, School of The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Communication
Edwina Billings, BS, Assessment & Testing Coordinator, Assessment and Testing
Sarah Dierks, MsEd, Coordinator, Residential Education, Residential Life
Baban Hasnat, PhD, Professor, Business- Economics
Sabrina Kerfoot, Undergraduate Student, Psychology
Alisa James, EdD, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education
Sandeep Mitra, PhD, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Barbara Thompson, MA, Project Director, CSTEP/McNair
Claire VanDenBergh, MBA, Director of Career Services, Career Services

Corrections or revisions to subcommittee informationshould be emailed directly to Kathy Mangione, MA, kmangion@brockport.edu.
Updated June 20,2011

Last Updated 4/12/18

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