2022 Self-Study Report

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Self-Study Process 2019-2022

SUNY Brockport is currently undergoing a two-year reaccreditation process culminating in a spring 2022 site visit by a team of external evaluators, their report to the Middle States Commission, and the Commission’s subsequent decision.

To earn reaccreditation, we must complete a self-study that demonstrates our achievement of the commissions seven Standards for Accreditation and fifteen Requirements of Affiliation.

This draft self-study results from 15 months of work by over 90 members of the college community, organized into eight working groups and a steering committee. The chapters are organized by Standard, addressing some of the Requirements as well.

We gathered feedback on the draft self-study report in April 2021. The April draft is below. If you have any comments, you can share them with the Self-Study co-chairs, Monica Brasted and/or Amy Guptill, or OAA Director, Frances Dearing .

What is Middle States?

Working Groups Roster

Timetable for 2019-2022 Self-Study

Self-Study Design (pdf)

Video Overview

In this video, Amy Guptill, faculty co-chair of the self-study, provides a brief overview of reaccreditation and the content of the draft self-study report.

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Self-Study Draft Chapters

Executive Summary

Provides a short institutional overview and then the strengths, challenges, and recommendations identified for each Middle States standard.

Draft Executive Summary (pdf)


Describes the college, major developments since our last self-study in 2012, our COVID-19 response, and the self-study process.

Draft Introduction (pdf)

Standard I Mission and Goals

Analyzes our Strategic Plan, Building a Better Brockport, and how it is used to guide decision-making.

Draft Standard I Chapter (pdf)

Standard II Ethics and Integrity

Surveys the procedures that protect academic and intellectual freedom, promote a respectful campus climate, and enact best practices for grievances, fair employment, and external and internal communications.

Draft Standard II Chapter (pdf)

Standard III Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Describes the rigor, coherence, and appropriateness of our general education, major, and graduate programs and the roles of faculty, assessment, and review processes in ensuring excellence in education.

Draft Standard III Chapter (pdf)

Standard IV Support of the Student Experience

Analyzes our practices for recruiting, admitting and retaining students and the programs that support student success.

Draft Standard IV Chapter (pdf)

Standard V Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Considers our programmatic and institutional-level assessment practices and how they inform continual improvement in student achievement, instruction, and student support.

Draft Standard V Chapter (pdf)

Standard VI Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Reviews the alignment of planning and resource allocation with our mission and goals and how we identify and respond to opportunities for improvement.

Draft Standard VI Chapter (pdf)

Standard VII Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Examines the interacting roles of SUNY, governance bodies, senior leadership, and the administration in making SUNY Brockport effective in its mission and goals.

Draft Standard VII Chapter (pdf)

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