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May 2, 2008

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Brockport Tests Anti-Water Pollution Installation

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Press Release Photo Dave Turkow, director of environmental health and safety and Hilary Richardson, environmental science and biology, gather Ecostones.

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Press Release Photo Hilary Richarson, Peter Turkow, Dave Turkow and Sarah Klein ready Ecostones for new location in the D 1 lot storm water runoff pond.

Brockport, NY – When precipitation falls on road, roofs and paved surfaces, it picks up pollutants that quickly run off into the nearest stream where it can cause problems that range from pollution, flash flooding and erosion.

The College at Brockport, State University of New York, is installing new, eco-friendly technology that promises to control runoff while reducing pollutants in the water that ultimately ends up in area waters.

On Monday, May 5 at 10:30 am, a group of College employees, environmental science students and faculty will install a shoal of Ecostones in a campus storm water collection pond to help control runoff and reduce pollution. The pond is located on The College at Brockport campus, adjacent to the D-1 Parking Lot, on Holley Street.

The Ecostones, developed and donated by Harbec Plastics, Inc of Ontario, NY, are jack-shaped products made from scrap plastic that provide a home for microorganisms and aquatic plants such as the cattail that naturally remove pollutants from water.

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