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Leadership Guiding Principles

As a Cabinet we will endeavor to:

  • Have the courage to tell the truth
  • Be respectful, collegial, supportive and act with discretion
  • Engage in healthy debate with candor and integrity
  • Focus on the real issues, address issues at their root causes, and encourage solutions to be developed and implemented at the appropriate level
  • Take an institutional-wide view
  • Engage in mutual problem solving
  • Share the credit, take the responsibility
  • Celebrate our successes, large and small
  • Maintain a constructive balance between chaos and stability
  • Take informed risks and trust our colleagues as they do so as well
  • Know our action points and follow up/act on them in a timely, competent fashion
  • Be mindful of public perception
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion will be explicitly threaded throughout all of our decision-making and actions as leaders.
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion work is not something “external” but something that is “internal” and ongoing.
  • There are resources to assist us, but we need to and commit to doing the work. EDI isn’t about more training nor is it the job of the CDO or HR. It is about our leading change together.
  • We need to discuss, honor, and understand that this work is a heavy lift, yet we will be stronger leaders and part of a stronger campus as a result.

College Organizational Chart (PDF)

Last Updated 9/22/22