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Administrators Contact
Heidi R. Macpherson
(585) 395-2361
Julie Pruss
Assistant to the President
(585) 395-2361
James Haynes
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Division of Academic Affairs
(585) 395-2651
James "Beau" Willis
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Division of Administration and Finance
(585) 395-2129
Mike Andriatch '85
Vice President for Advancement
Division of Advancement
(585) 395-2309
Kathryn "Katy" Wilson
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

(585) 395-2137

David Mihalyov
Vice President for University Relations
Office of College Communications
(585) 395-2577

College Organizational Chart (PDF)

Last Updated 7/19/18

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