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Vice President for Administration & Finance

Summary and Purpose of Position:

The Vice President for Administration & Finance (VPAF) will be responsible for annual operating expenses of $167.2 million. Expenditures include $72.4 million in salaries and wages; $50.8 million in fringe benefits; $5.0 million in instruction; $0.8 million in research and public service; $2.8 million in academic support; $1.6 million in student services; $4.0 million in institutional support; $8.2 million in operation and maintenance of plant; $8.4 million in scholarships and fellowships; $5.8 million in auxiliary enterprises; and $7.4 million in other expenditures. Capital construction expenditures include $16.2 million from state capital projects and $3.1 million from residential capital projects. The value of capital assets is $470.2 million including land value of $41.6 million, buildings valued at $400.2 million and equipment valued at $28.3 million.

Revenue sources include tuition and fees ($51M), state appropriations ($17.6M), and auxiliary activities ($128.7M). The Brockport foundation manages an endowment of approximately $13.3M.

The College is committed to providing quality academic programs and keeping the cost of a Brockport education affordable. The College continues to recruit and retain better-prepared students and has been experiencing increased enrollment over the last several years. By adopting fiscally conservative management practices and recent restructuring efforts, the College has moved from a deficit to approximately $8.5 million in reserves.

The VPAF reports to the President, serves as the senior Administrative and Financial officer, and has primary responsibility for leadership, management, strategic direction, policy development, and administrative oversight for the Administration and Finance division. The Vice President provides critical leadership to ensure high quality service delivery to the college community and the maintenance of a strong internal control, compliance and risk management environment.

The VPAF provides administrative leadership and oversight of a large complex college division which includes the departments of Budgeting, Campus Auxiliary Service, Student Accounts and Accounting, Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Construction, Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance, and Research Foundation Grants Administration. The Vice President is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the division, including the many services that students, faculty, and staff rely on that make the college a great place at which to learn and work. The Vice President promotes high quality customer services and efficiencies of operation and is a champion for continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the departments and the college.

The Vice President serves as the college designated Internal Control Officer and Enterprise Risk Manager for the State University of New York (SUNY), the Campus Operations Manager for the SUNY Research Foundation (RF), the campus administrative liaison to, and Board member of, the Brockport Auxiliary Corporation (BASC), and a Director (ex officio) of the Brockport Foundation.

The VPAF also works together with colleagues to create a strong sense of fiscal accountability across campus and to advance the College's mission as an inclusive learning community that inspires excellence through growth, engagement, and transformation.

The Vice President must have a strong commitment to shared governance, including working closely with the College Senate and the local branches of the United University Professions (UUP) and Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).

The VPAF is also a senior leader of the college, serving on the President's Cabinet and providing assistance to the president in establishing and meeting the strategic direction for the college. As a member of the President's Executive Team, the Vice President develops policy and practice on institutional issues, represents the College in SUNY decision-making and with other external agencies and bodies, and serves as a College officer/representative on public occasions.

The successful candidate will be a high energy, visionary leader with a track record of success as a senior administrative officer. He/she will have superb interpersonal and communication skills; demonstrated ability to build and lead effective, diverse management teams; proven ability to work effectively in a shared governance and collective bargaining environment; demonstrated skills in strategic and tactical budget and financial planning and policy development, problem solving and risk management; and demonstrated success in promoting diversity. The candidate must be a team builder who is highly motivated, a self-starter and a dedicated professional who has demonstrable commitment to service, support of the academic mission and continued advancement of the College.

Job Functions:

Leadership and Planning

The VPAF will provide oversight for the division's strategic planning, policy development, assessment planning, and daily operations, including guidance to the departments and directors within the division for the development and delivery of high quality services to ensure day-to-day operations of Administration and Finance are smoothly and efficiently administered. Additionally, the VPAF will assist the President by leading the strategic and operational activities of the College related to the organization's fiscal management and budget, resource allocation and planning, capital planning and asset strategies; and ensure the maintenance of a strong internal control, compliance and risk management environment:

Fiscal Management and Budget 
  • Responsible for the development of financial analyses and implementation of the annual campus operating budget and five-year projections.
  • Provides leadership to the campus on fiscal policies, controls and accountability structures.
  • Oversees management of the campus-wide operating budget, including development of an overall system of budgeting controls policies, procedures, programs, and practices as may be necessary for the effective operation of the system.
  • Endeavors to ensure that budget information is available and understood by the campus and that processes are conducted in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Assures financial solvency at all times.
Resource Allocation and Planning
  • Responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing coordination of transparent planning, assessment and resource management processes to ensure campus-wide and unit-level planning and resource allocation are interlinked, informed by assessment, and advance the College's strategic priorities for Building a Better Brockport.
  • In consultation with the President's Cabinet and the college-wide Joint Planning and Budgeting Committee (JPB), coordinate long-range financial, enrollment, asset management and institutional plans to support Building a Better Brockport. Prepare short- and long-range fiscal strategies in support of these plans.
Capital Planning and Asset Management
  • Coordinates college long-range physical master planning, including the development of plans for short- and long-range facilities and infrastructure needs and associated capital financing requirement and developing and maintaining policies related to the campus's physical environment, including space management and utilization.
  • Maintains a strong preventative maintenance program to extend life cycle replacement and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Develops capital financing strategies to expand ongoing capital investment in the college's physical plant.
Internal Control, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Maintains a strong internal control, compliance, and risk management environment as chair of the campus Enterprise Risk and Management and Policy Management Steering Committees.
  • Oversees the development of the campus Risk Register.
  • Ensures compliance with the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act of 1987, requiring all State-operated campuses of the State University of New York to establish and maintain a system of internal controls and an ongoing internal 'control program.

The VPAF will execute the powers and duties necessary to conduct Research Foundation business; will administer the StartUP-NY program, including oversight of annual reporting requirements, development of new partners and site locations, and amendments to the Campus StartUP-NY Plan; will lead or serve on teams, committees and task forces as needed to fulfill the goals of the college; and will support and assist the president by providing regular updates and reports as necessary.

Division Administration 

Resource Management & Budgeting
  • Monitors workloads throughout the division and prioritize staffing needs accordingly.
  • Coordinates division's budget in collaboration with AVPs and Directors.
  • Reviews financial situation of all units on a quarterly basis and determine plans to correct any abnormalities.
Coordination & Supervision
  • Provides regular and timely feedback with each direct report through regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Completes annual performance evaluations and performance plans for each direct report and provide guidance and direction for their personal and professional development.
  • Facilitates regular divisional and director meetings.
Communication & Collaboration
  • Promotes collaboration with all units of the college.
  • Utilizes monthly directors meetings as a communication platform.
  • Fosters positive collaborative relationships with campus and community constituents in addressing matters of common concern, including the enhancement of institutional commitment to an inclusive and accessible community of learning.
  • Maintains positive, productive, proactive labor relations.
Compliance and Risk Management
  • Ensures that all programs and services in the division comply with relevant state and federal laws.
  • Provides administrative oversight for compliance audits throughout the division.
  • Enhances, assess, and aid the implementation of a strategy and operational practices for maintaining a safe campus environment.

In addition to internal leadership, the VPAF will should be an external ambassador for the College. The Vice President will contribute to the development of an effective external presence, including articulating a clear and compelling case for support for the College in order to raise the College's visibility in the public eye and mass media, and serving on external boards as appropriate; in supporting the College's philanthropic efforts through the development of strategic partnerships and donor cultivation; through maintaining and enhancing the College's working relationships within SUNY and with external audiences, including working with bodies of influence to formulate and advance strategic opportunities to Build a Better Brockport; and through attending, as a cabinet representative, meetings, town halls, celebrations and dinners.


  • A master's degree from an accredited higher education institution in the US or abroad;
  • A significant amount of progressively responsible experience in the administrative operations of a large complex organization.
  • The ability to take a college-wide perspective on priorities and resources and cultivate a common vision and collaborative culture to achieve institutional goals.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management experience in finance and budget, resource planning, and capital planning and budget development.
  • A participatory but decisive management style.
  • Ability to lead a variety of operational areas through effective communication, influence, and persuasion at all levels of an organization while balancing patience with sense of urgency.
  • An innovative and forward thinker in regard to planning, strategy, and implementation.
  • Excellent communication skills in a variety of modes and with a variety of constituencies.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including a transparent and collaborative approach to team building.
  • An appreciation for and support of shared governance.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Experience developing, organizing, and administering budgets.
  • Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws, statutes, campus processes, and awareness of law and policy proposals affecting administration and finance operations.

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of New York State regulations and SUNY governance, organizational structure, and policies and procedures.
  • Experience with collective bargaining and union contract administration.

Information for Applicants

Last Updated 2/16/18

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