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Andrea Macy

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The Performer

BS in Theatre and Journalism

“I’ve always been a performer. At Brockport, I’m involved in all aspects of the theater… directing, choreography and publicity. It’s opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist for me beyond acting.”

Andrea Macy has always been a performer. From participating in the Creative Arts Program in elementary school to performing the part of Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa at Brockport, her passion for the arts comes from her varied experiences.

Andrea, of Long Island, NY, is a double major in theatre and journalism. She also is a student in Delta College, the publicity manager for the Harlequins Performing Arts Club, and an active member of the Department of Theatre Publicity Committee.

While interning at the Off Broadway New York City show, Forbidden Broadway, she was able to utilize material she learned in her Brockport classrooms. “Working alongside professionals in the theater, I was able to make connections between the subject matter being taught in my theater classes and the actual work I was doing for the general manager of the show.”

After researching her options, Andrea decided on attending Brockport. Instead of receiving an education from a college in New York City, she chose Brockport to have the experience of living away from home. She felt she could be acknowledged at the College as a student rather than a number participating in many events and programs. “I chose Brockport because it felt right. I had the opportunity to attend a large university in New York City, but I like the way that I am immersed in life on campus at Brockport. I wouldn’t have gotten that in a big city setting.”

She attributes not one person, but many to her success. “The faculty and professors have been nothing but supportive and helpful, while my peers are constantly encouraging and accommodating.” Andrea has worked as an assistant to a professional director from Geva Theatre Center for the Brockport Department of Theatre Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As an assistant, she led rehearsals, worked with actors, and choreographed fight scenes.

Her love for theater allowed Andrea to pursue additional opportunities within the career field. In the last few years, her interests have shifted to public relations. “As a double major in theatre and journalism, my classes have allowed me to explore different writing techniques and methods that will prepare me for any career I decide to pursue.” Andrea always will be an actor, however, the opportunity to be a publicity manager has opened even more doors for her future.

Andrea traveled to New Orleans with the Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life during one of her spring breaks to help in the rebuilding of the city following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. The experience prompted her to recommend the play Colorblind: the Katrina Monologues, which the Department of Theatre staged.

Aside from obtaining an education, Andrea has gained some of her best friends and memories while at Brockport. “Brockport not only changed my life, it helped define my life.” Her favorite quote from playwright Sarah Ruhl undeniably describes herself. “Continue to give yourself to others because that’s the ultimate satisfaction in life—to love, accept, honor, and help others.” With her unending passion and determination, Andrea’s success is certain to shine on.

Last Updated 5/26/21