Alyssa Rosa `13

Alyssa Rosa `13

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From Dream to Reality

BS in Nursing

The greatest heroes are those that do their duty in the midst of daily life, working not for the glory but out of passion for their work. Alyssa Rosa, a nursing student at SUNY Brockport, attributes her desire to pursue a career in nursing to pure passion and love of the job. Brockport helped Alyssa discover her abilities and provided her the opportunities to showcase them.

Alyssa chose Brockport for one simple reason: “I know that by graduating from Brockport, I will hold a respected position,” she said. “I will be proud to tell everyone where I completed my education.”  Alyssa’s goal is to work on the medical/surgical floor of a hospital.

Alyssa recognizes the influential role her mentors played during her education at Brockport. “I couldn’t have asked for better professors or nursing staff that have taught me the foundations of nursing,” said Alyssa. “From staff to peers, I was able to seek success in the program.” Taking what she learned in the classroom and applying it during clinical hours gave her an invaluable real-world perspective.

Brockport has given Alyssa a remarkable education and long-lasting friendships that she is thankful for and will cherish for years to come. “Brockport helped me to grow not only as a nurse but a person as well.”

The character of a nurse is equally as valuable as the education they possess. “Caring, compassion and hard work come natural to me,” said Alyssa. Coupling her education with her personality and drive to succeed has impacted her collegiate experience and her future as a nurse.

Alyssa’s academic journey began at Brockport and she will carry her experiences with her as she turns her dream job into a reality. Upon graduating, Alyssa will work at United Health Services Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, NY as a graduate nurse. “I have such a passion for nursing,” said Alyssa. “Every day, you have the chance to change someone’s life and many times, they also change yours.”

Last Updated 7/12/21