Babajide Osatuyi '08

Babajide Osatuyi '08

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The Problem-Solver

BS in Computer Science/BS in Computational Science

“It's exciting to be involved in a new field that uses technology to explore the questions of life.”

Will tsunamis ever be predicted through computer simulation? Can the universe be explained by the patterns of particle physics? What role can information systems play in solving real-life problems?

Questions like these fascinate Brockport alumnus Babajide Osatuyi, whose double major in both Computer Science and Computational Science has led to more questions—and to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Information Systems.

Publishing papers with titles such as “Integrating an Ontological Taxonomy for Standardizing the Scenario-Based Knowledge Accumulator” may seem a long way from Babajide's home—the multicultural, multi-religious, largely agricultural Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

When he first arrived at SUNY Brockport, Babajide was inspired by his advisor, Dr. Kofi Andoh-Baidoo, to look more deeply at the connections between computers and human decision-making, or Computational Science. SUNY Brockport is one of the few universities in the country to offer an undergraduate degree in this relatively new field. “Dr. Andoh-Baidoo introduced me to the subject at the beginning of my junior year and I fell in love with it,” Babajide says. “ I discovered I had a natural passion for  the fields of knowledge management and sharing.”

As an undergraduate Honors scholar, Babajide was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Andoh-Baidoo on original research projects in Computational Science that have since been published in Computer Science journals and presented at the Americas Conference on Information Systems, one of the world's leading academic conferences in the field.  Babajide says, “I was able to co-author with other scholars and be reviewed by my peers. It was a great experience that prepared me for graduate study.” After he earns his PhD, Babajide says,  “I'd like to teach in a research-based university and contribute to the lives of upcoming generations.”

Babajide says Brockport opened his eyes to “a different culture and a different style of education.” When he's not bending algorithms, he reads the Bible and the classics, plays soccer and travels. “I went on a road trip coast-to-coast across America in 2006. My wildest dream is to go on a world tour. I have 100 major cities in the world on my list of places to visit.”

When asked to describe himself, Babajide he says he is “always keen to learn, adventurous, and most of all, a Christian with strong spiritual values.” Babajide's favorite saying is from the Bible: “With God, all things are possible. ” How fitting for Babajide as he ventures into a new and exploratory field where the questions are infinite, and the possible holds such promise.

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