Daniela Bulos `15

Daniela Bulos `15

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Brockport Keeps Me Engaged

BS in Psychology

Psychology student Daniela Bulos is proud of the well-rounded educational experience she is receiving at SUNY Brockport. Through her involvement in a number of campus organizations she has had wonderful experiences, all while reaching for even higher goals. Daniela, a Bronx, NY native, is an undergraduate seeking a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once she has completed her degree, Daniela plans to use her skills in the counseling field, in efforts to lend a helping hand to others. “I want to help individuals overcome social and behavioral problems,” said Daniela. Her active involvement on campus will provide her the necessary foundation to do just that.

Daniela’s involvement on campus spans over several different campus organizations. She was the vice president of the Association of Latino American Students (ALAS) in fall 2012, is currently an enrolled member of the College’s Leadership Development Program, in addition to holding a resident assistant position in the freshman residence halls. Her role as a resident assistant has not only given her the opportunity to guide others, but it also has given her the chance to grow as an individual. “Since I have become a resident assistant, I have grown significantly. I’ve learned new things about myself and have become more confident.”

Daniela sites the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities as one of the most influential forces in her college experience. “Our Res Life staff has truly made an impact on my life. They offer guidance and support and make living on campus such a pleasure for students,” said Daniela. She also credits the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) as a source of influence. The program is dedicated to assisting its students reach their academic goals despite economic or educational challenges. The program provides its students with tutoring and academic counseling, among other forms of assistance. Daniela values the support that EOP provides her, saying the program opens doors and provides her with more opportunities.

Despite all of her campus involvement, Daniela has maintained excellent grades, earning her a membership in the Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society. Her academic achievements are due, in part, to the support she has received from professors during her college career. Daniela credits two professors who have been particularly significant in her learning experience, Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff and Dr. Amanda Lipko-Speed “Both [Dr. Ratcliff and Dr. Lipko-Speed] are very attentive and always willing to meet during office hours and review class notes. The staff and faculty on our campus really care about the students and their success.”

Daniela is a strong-minded student with even stronger goals. After she graduates, she wants to use her education to help people — a goal which is both admirable and ambitious. She feels that her experience at Brockport has guided her learning and influenced her to achieve high expectations. Wherever her education takes her, Daniela’s determination will continue to lead her to success.

Last Updated 7/12/21