Jason Baetzhold '13

Jason Baetzhold '13

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Future Leader Gets Down To Business

BS in Business Administration

Don't try and label Jason Baetzhold as just a lacrosse player, resident assistant, Wegmans employee, or a business student, because he is all of the above. SUNY Brockport has helped Jason incorporate every aspect of his life into a rewarding collegiate experience. Jason is majoring in business administration with a concentration in management, while also taking on the abundance of opportunities that have presented themselves to him since he arrived on campus in fall 2009.

Jason began his Brockport journey when he accepted the Dean's Scholarship awarded to him by the College. As an incoming freshman, Jason was a chemistry major with the goal of becoming a pharmacist. But after a year, he quickly realized the world of business is where he belonged. Switching to the business program gave Jason the opportunity to explore career opportunities through Brockport's School of Business. Jason's interest in a management internship sponsored by his employer, Wegmans Food Markets, coincided perfectly with his decision to become a business major. Jason has been working at the top-rated grocery chain since 2005. When he heard about the store operations internship, he knew it was exactly what he wanted to pursue. To be completed in two to three summers, the internship had Jason working 40 hours a week, training to eventually manage a department within a Wegmans store.

Outside of his internship experience, Jason wove himself into the fabric of the campus community. Jason, a long-time lacrosse goalie, joined the Brockport men's lacrosse team upon arrival. "Being on the lacrosse team helped me to transition into Brockport, meet new people who became great friends, and manage my time effectively." Time management was an important skill that Jason would soon master as he became a resident assistant in his sophomore year. Looking to take on more responsibility, gain a better understanding of the campus and its events, and most importantly, to help students, Jason decided that becoming a resident assistant was something he had to do. "I wanted to become an RA to help other people, and yet I truly believe the job has helped me just as much."

Always striving to become a better leader Jason sought out opportunities with the Leadership Development Program and the Brockport Business Council of Students. "The [Leadership Development] program is really interesting, and definitely worth the work," says Jason. "The skills I learned in the program became especially helpful during many of my interviews." Soon after starting in the Leadership Development Program, Jason began working with the Brockport Business Council of Students. "The Council has really allowed me to network with fellow students, professors, and local business people." These opportunities have given Jason the confidence and experience necessary to make a real impact on the business community.

All of his hard work in and out of the classroom has helped Jason to land a management trainee position with the New England division of Wegmans. He credits his well-rounded education and outside experiences for getting him where he is today, and where he will go in the future. "My proudest moment at Brockport is when I sit back and realize how many amazing people I have been fortunate enough to meet. Brockport has really taught me to try new experiences and step outside of my comfort zone."

Last Updated 7/12/21