Jeff Dolan '14

Jeff Dolan '14

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Going back to school to explore his passion

BS in Exercise Science

Like many collegians, Jeff Dolan was unsure of the path he wanted his life to take. He had originally attended University of Rochester and received a BA in History in 2010, but after he graduated, he realized that his true calling was working with athletes.

"I took a year and lived in Boulder, Colorado, living and training with professional athletes, and working at a fitness club. After returning to Rochester, I contemplated the idea of returning to school to help prepare me for a job in the field of exercise science, which is my life's true passion. I was uneasy about the idea of returning to the undergraduate education scene, but I took a shot at attending Brockport."

Jeff became an exercise science major. He had already been interested in the subject, studying it by himself at the urging of a mentor, "an Olympian and Ironman Champion to boot." Jeff realized that he wanted to pursue the subject in a more formal setting, so he joined Brockport's "highly respected program."

The program has provided Jeff with numerous benefits to help him achieve his dream. "My favorite professors are Doctors Heidi Byrne and Craig Mattern, both of whom have extensive athletic backgrounds." Part of the curriculum also requires students in the program to have an internship, and Jeff hopes to find one in a Human Performance Laboratory that specializes in assessing and advising athletes.

When he's not working on school work, Jeff can be found spending his time working out at Brockport's Special Events Recreation Center (which he calls the "crown jewel of the College), working, or going to concerts.

Jeff's time at Brockport has had a profound impact on his life.

"Being able to study what I really am passionate about and to what I truly want to devote my life to has been life-changing," he says.

What would Jeff like to do with his newfound direction?

"My future may take me in any number of possible directions. I know that I want to work with athletes, preferably young athletes who may have big dreams. For now though, step one is to finish up at Brockport, and step two is to gain acceptance to graduate school for Exercise Physiology and/ or Exercise Nutrition. I am looking forward to continuing through the major coursework and both adding and strengthening my relationships with professors."

Last Updated 5/26/21