Jason Torreano '07

Jason Torreano '07

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The Storyteller

BA in Journalism

“I am passionate about telling the stories of people who don't have a voice. That's why I want to be a reporter and why I became involved with the children of South Africa. I want to tell stories that might just change the way you see yourself and how you fit in the world.”

When Jason Torreano was younger, he dreamed of being a television news anchor. “I was mesmerized by all the wrong things—the glitz, the fancy graphics, the seemingly glamorous life that the people on that little square box had.” But when Jason went to South Africa through SUNY Brockport's Delta College program, his world view changed forever.

Delta College is an innovative program at the College. It focuses on interdisciplinary studies, career preparation and practical work experience on the local, national and international levels. While at Delta College, Jason interned at a local television station, then worked in Washington, D.C. for the PBS political opinion show, “The McLaughlin Group.” But Jason's international experience—teaching children in South Africa—was the most powerful, forever changing his aspirations for a journalistic career. “As a journalist, I realized I wanted to give a voice to people who can't speak for themselves.”

Currently a weekend anchor and reporter for KXMB-TV CBS 12 in Bismarck, North Dakota, Jason has returned twice to South Africa since graduating from SUNY Brockport. “Going to South Africa has been a life-changing moment for me.” Jason says. “I saw people who have so little. I worked with kids who were often treated as less than human. I got to know people who have sustained some awful blows from life. They refused to give up or give in, even though the world was telling them to. They were thankful for a leftover sandwich or a five minute conversation, and I saw firsthand how poverty affects people, especially children.”

Jason says he would never have gone to Africa had it not been for the College of Brockport. “In my wildest dreams, I never pictured myself in a place like Africa. But my teachers at Brockport saw something in me. They encouraged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I'm not always going to succeed, but they made me realize I have what it takes to try.”

Besides becoming a foreign correspondent, 23 year-old Jason's future goals are to open a school in South Africa and to adopt a child from there. “I want to tell people's stories, and I want to give people who are willing to work a real chance. Lofty dreams? For sure. Impossible? We'll see.”

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