Kevin Burdick '13

Kevin Burdick '13

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A Transformation: Improving Through the Brockport Experience

MS in Physical Education Teacher Education with Concentration in Athletic Administration

"In high school, I was the individual who was somewhat reserved," stated Kevin Burdick. Currently, Kevin is a second year graduate student, and will complete a master's degree in athletic administration in May 2013. He also is a graduate assistant teaching intermediate swimming as well as intermediate volleyball.

The college experience has been transformational for Kevin. "After being at SUNY Brockport for six years, I have most definitely changed for the better in so many facets of my life," said Kevin. Since coming to Brockport as an undergraduate student, Kevin has been greatly involved in a number of co-curricular activities that range from the Men's Volleyball Club to his three-year position as a resident assistant, among others. His transformation is due not only to his inquisitive and ambitious nature but also to the influence of the faculty and staff at SUNY Brockport.

Kevin credits his close connections at Brockport as influential, giving special recognition to the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities and Dr. Rikki Cannioto, former professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education.

Kevin describes being resident assistant as a great learning experience saying, "You learn how to handle situations in a way that other students do not." His time as a resident assistant helped mold him into the teacher that he is today, "Some of my experiences as a RA directly correlated to teaching," said Kevin.

In addition to his experiences as a resident assistant Kevin also lists a former Brockport professor, Dr. Rikki Cannioto as one of the most influential forces in his college experience saying, "She taught me that nothing in life comes easy and that you need to be pro-active, be positive, maximize your resources and never look for the easy way out."

Kevin is now doing what he loves, teaching physical education. He describes teaching as "the most rewarding thing I've ever done aside from being a resident assistant." The joy he feels from teaching is beyond his expectations. He credits one student in particular for helping Kevin realize how fulfilling his job can be. The student, a father of two children, was unable to swim and was embarrassed that he could not do so with his kids. "In the end he actually got quite emotional, because now he could swim with his children. I didn't go into it thinking I'd change someone's life. That reassured me that this is the field I want to go into."

Kevin's collegiate success is just the first step. Kevin plans to broaden his horizons after graduate school by applying to positions in both physical education and fitness administration. The shy teenager he once was has now transformed in to an outgoing adult, and he has his experiences at Brockport to thank for it. "SUNY Brockport provided me with wonderful experiences as both an undergraduate and graduate student that influenced me to 'break out of my shell' and not be afraid to be the person that I am."

Last Updated 7/12/21