Mairead Fitzgibbon ‘13

Mairead Fitzgibbon ‘13

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Passion and Purpose

BS in Health Science with a Concentration in Childhood Inclusive Education

Everyone has a favorite teacher from elementary school that is admired for his or her energy, caring nature and passion for teaching. Mairead Fitzgibbon will be that teacher in many students' lives. A major in health science and a member of the childhood inclusive education program at SUNY Brockport, Mairead is on track to seeing her dream, teaching in a first-grade classroom, become a reality.

She chose Brockport because of its reputation and Honors Program and the helpful responses she received from the people she interacted with at Brockport. "All this together made my decision of Brockport easy to make, because I knew (at Brockport) I would have the best opportunities, and be happiest," said Mairead.

Mairead attributes her success to the encouraging culture at Brockport. "I always felt as though Brockport had the resources to help me achieve my goals," she said. Through various extracurricular activities and leadership positions, Mairead has fully taken advantage of engaging opportunities on campus. "Brockport has provided me with countless and very diverse learning experiences both in and out of the classroom," she said.

Caring and compassion come naturally to Mairead, as she notes her interests and hobbies are community service- driven activities. "I truly believe in the idea that anywhere we go we should try to leave it a little better than how it was when we came there," she said.

Her classroom philosophy is simple: to provide for all of her students' needs, including emotional, social and mental health education. She says her passion is affording students the opportunities to grow not only as students, but also as people. She chose first grade because at that age, kids are excited about school and have a passion for learning.

Mairead's future goals in life and work are one and the same. She hopes to always feel passionate about what she is doing and feel purpose in her work. Making a difference in the world is as simple to Mairead as making a difference in the life of a future student.

Last Updated 7/12/21