Michelle Glynn ’14

Michelle Glynn ’14

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“I Seized Opportunities I Never Thought Existed.”

BFA in Dance and Interdisciplinary Arts

For Michelle Glynn ’14 dance isn’t just a hobby, it’s her life. With help from SUNY Brockport’s Department of Dance, Michelle is discovering what it takes to make the art of dance come alive. She has jumped feet first into the physical and academic aspects of dance, marrying the two in her choreography, performance, and overall collegiate experience. The Pennsylvania native arrived at Brockport ready to strengthen her abilities, test her limits, and expand her knowledge, and through the opportunities afforded to her, she has done just that.

Michelle began her exploration of dance when she was just four years old. Swept away by the medium’s challenging physical nature and its ability to communicate, Michelle knew she was meant to be a dancer. “I love that dance provides rich material for casual observers and trained professionals alike.” This love is what prompted her to consider Brockport. “Of all the dance programs I considered, no other program could contend with the wide scope of opportunities offered by Brockport’s Department of Dance.” It was the impressive combination of outstanding facilities, educational opportunities, and professional faculty that made Brockport the clear choice for Michelle. “I am so thankful to be supported by such an amazing department.”

“At Brockport, I’ve had the opportunity to dance and choreograph,” gushes Michelle. While at the College, Michelle has danced in many of Brockport’s hallmark performances, including the New Dancer’s Showcase, DANCE/Hartwell, Sankofa, DANSCORE, Scholars Day, and DANCE/Strasser. In addition to performing she has had the opportunity to travel the country as well as choreograph her own pieces. In spring 2012, Michelle choreographed “Jaws of Life” for DANCE/Strasser. In two short years, she also has traveled and performed at Jacob's Pillow in Becker, MA; Brooklyn, NY; and Maine. While in Utah, Michelle presented research on the works of George Balachine and Ted Shawn at the 2012 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). “Presenting at NCUR was a memorable experience, and I really learned more about dance as an academic endeavor.”

Michelle doesn’t just perform and choreograph, she teaches dance as well. Conducting youth dance classes in her hometown of Abington, PA, Michelle takes pride in watching young dancers grow in their craft. “I want nothing more than to engender the same love for dance that my teachers instilled in me.” That desire to encourage others in dance drives Michelle to constantly better herself as an artist. In summer 2012, Michelle spent three weeks in a professional training program at the Bates Dance Festival in Lewiston, ME, where she met dancers from all over the country, networked with professionals, and took classes. This experience tapped into her unwavering dedication to dance and her eagerness to grow.

Michelle enthusiastically explains, “Brockport has drawn talented, accomplished dancers and companies to campus to perform, teach, and share their love and passion for dance.” Some of that talent includes Monica Bill Barnes, Camille A. Brown, Jonah Bokaer, Bill Evans, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Garth Fagan. Those very same performers and their companies have motivated Michelle to pursue a career dancing with an esteemed company upon graduation, and perhaps, one day, starting her own company.

Michelle Glynn came to Brockport with a sense of determination and drive that fuels her to become a better dancer, choreographer, teacher, and student of the art. She understands that to become the best she must be proficient in every aspect of dance, and at Brockport she has been given the tools necessary to accomplish that goal. “I want to look back at my time spent at Brockport and know that I pushed myself, I learned inside and outside the classroom, and I seized opportunities I never thought existed.”

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