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Mariah Maloney

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Finding a Creative Home

Assistant Professor of Dance

Dance Professor Mariah Maloney has danced all over the world and has been nationally recognized in her field. And she’s found a home in the Department of Dance at SUNY Brockport. In this interview she talks about why she chose Brockport, the power of the learning environment and the inspiration she draws from students and colleagues.

Question: How many years have you been teaching at SUNY Brockport?

I was first brought to Brockport as a guest artist in 2006-2007. My first year was profoundly enriching. I was thrilled to return as a tenure track professor in 2009. I am currently serving my fourth year and have recently been appointed as The Graduate Program Director.

Question: Why did you choose SUNY Brockport?

I choose SUNY Brockport because the Department of Dance is a top undergraduate and graduate program yielding professional scholars and artists. I have found our program to be on the same level as leading dance programs in our country such as New York University and Purchase College Conservatory SUNY. I choose Brockport because it is a serious creative place where students and faculty are fully immersed in their work.

Question: What is your favorite type of dance and why?

I danced with the Trisha Brown Dance Company in New York City and love her aesthetic and craft. Improvisation/somatic based explorations in contemporary dance inspire me and fuel my research, teaching, performance and choreography. If the dance has a point of view, commitment and passion I will enjoy it.

Question: What is your favorite place on campus?

The dance studio.

Question: What is the most important thing a dance student coming to Brockport needs to have?

A dance student arriving at Brockport needs to have passion, a strong work ethic and a sense of humor. Our students possess a deep desire to immerse themselves in the Brockport education experience where they transform into professional artists, scholars and performers.

Question: What is the best thing about SUNY Brockport?

The people are inspired, down to earth and real. Brockport is a highly creative place where faculty and students alike are deeply invested in a life journey dedicated to continued excellence, discovery and growth. The 45-minute flight to New York City is also a lovely perk!

Question: What is a future personal goal for you?

I aim to continue to seek the truest potential in myself and to generously guide my students to becoming their most realized and transformed beings.

Question: You talked about Brockport as an enriching experience. Can you discuss how it enriches you as a teacher and as a scholar?

As a teacher and scholar, I wish to explore improvisation in dialogue with choreographic structure to unearth the articulate sensing body inside solo and ensemble choreography. I seek to experience raw beauty, music, possibilities, problem solving and dreams with dance artists, collaborators and audiences alike. I am deeply satisfied and moved by the creative cycle at Brockport, a wonderful figure eight of potential and possibilities generously guiding my teaching and scholarship endeavors to their most realized and transformed living form. As a scholar in the field of contemporary dance, my goal is to build upon, develop and enhance my national and international dance presence and networks; the aim being to enhance Mariah Maloney Dance teaching and scholarship engagements by increasing visibility for upcoming creative projects and to further opportunities to present internationally.

This year, I facilitated exposure and opportunity for 24 Brockport graduate and undergraduate majors to be involved in the professional dance world as performers, scholars and educators. The ongoing wealth of learning that weaves in and out of and walks alongside teaching, scholarship and relationship building is awesome at Brockport. I am blessed to be spending my life engaged in this important work.

Last Updated 7/12/21