Nikolay Damyanov '09

Nikolay Damyanov '09

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The Meteorologist

BS in Meteorology, Water Resources and Earth Science, '09

I was recently accepted into one of the world's finest institutions, McGill University in Montréal, and I did it with my Brockport degree. I cannot see any better evidence that Brockport's environment supports student success. I feel well prepared for my professional future, and I attribute it all to the College's ability to show students the way.

Nikolay Damyanov 09’, a native of Pleven, Bulgaria, defines his Brockport experience in just one word — unique. Damyanov, triple-majoring in meteorology, water resources and earth science, is an international student at Brockport and this is his fourth year at the College. He is a member of The International Student Organization, The National Honor Society for the Earth Sciences, Alpha Chi and is employed at the College’s Drake Memorial Library Help Desk, assisting other students with their research questions. He also is in charge of the Brockport Weather Calendar, and has served as an earth science tutor. Last year he was named the Departmental Scholar in Meteorology.

Damyanov attributes his experience at Brockport to the positive faculty he has encountered, including Associate Professors of Earth Sciences Judy Massare and Scott Rochette. “Dr. Rochette encourages me and reminds me that my efforts are paying off. Also, just hearing good words from him about my performance is enough to keep me going. This is a very important part of my success and a great experience.”

As Damyanov continues his education in graduate school, he will take with him the memories that he created at Brockport, where he found, “The possibility to succeed if you want to, a relaxed environment and the availability of financial aid.”

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