Noah Reger '13

Noah Reger '13

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The Go-Getter

BS in Biology and Philosophy
Minors in Mathematics and Chemistry

You can call Noah Reger an overachiever, or perhaps an academic glutton. He describes it in no uncertain terms himself: “I have a massively bad habit of taking on an absolutely outrageous amount of work. I get bored easily and like to keep busy. If there is something that interests me, I am going to do it.”

That determination is evident in Noah’s academic career at SUNY Brockport thus far. He is an Honors Program student on a pre-med track, with a particular interest in neurology. This made biology a natural choice for his major. His enjoyment of philosophical literature, particularly Nietzsche, attracted him to a second major in philosophy — and has made those classes some of the most fun. “My philosophy courses give me more freedom than my biology courses,” he says, “which creates a nice balance and keeps me from going insane.”

Concerns for his sanity aside, Noah clearly is not one to shy away from a challenge — as he proceeded to take on two minors as well. “I picked up a minor in chemistry,” he explains, “because I already had to take four chemistry courses to fulfill my biology major, and it would only take one more course to finish the minor. And given how much biology relies on chemistry, it seemed like a good idea.” A minor in math also seemed like a natural fit, as it’s a topic in which he’s always done well. He appreciated the diversity the two minors would add to his degree.

Noah does know how to find a balance in all of this, describing himself as equally devoted to reading, running and sleeping. He has also found time to volunteer at Brockport’s Lakeside Memorial Hospital and to complete two certificates in the College’s Leadership Development Program. His many accomplishments were recently recognized with yet another: being named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.

Read on for more about Noah and his take on the Brockport experience.

Why did you choose The College at Brockport?

I chose Brockport because it was affordable, while also having a high-quality program within the SUNY system.

Describe your career aspirations.

I hope to one day become a neurosurgeon or a neurologist. The diseases I am most interested in revolve around the human nervous system. I am particularly interested in a disease known as CIPA, which stands for congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. People with CIPA cannot feel pain or temperature and are unable to sweat.

Describe your experience at Johns Hopkins University.

I went to Johns Hopkins the summer of my freshman year at Brockport. I took courses in neuroscience and biochemistry, and I was able to visit The Johns Hopkins Hospital, which I found to be amazing. I also was able to learn a great deal about the medical school’s entrance requirements while I was there.

How has the Honors Program helped your academic career at Brockport?

Being in the Honors Program has given me more flexibility in my scheduling; it helped me to fulfill my General Education requirements faster, freeing up more time to pursue other topics. I have been able to take courses outside my majors that I thought might be interesting, and I also was able to study abroad. I’ve gained valuable leadership experience as an Honors peer mentor and a member of the Honors Advisory Council. Ultimately, the Honors Program adds an extra layer of national recognition to a Brockport degree.

Describe your study abroad experience.

I went to Portugal, Spain, Morocco and France during the 2012 Winter Intersession. The trip lasted for two weeks. I learned about Portugal’s influence in the Age of Discovery and how they developed their navy. In Spain, the course focused on the conflict between the Christians and the Muslims. I spent a day in Morocco after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry; while there, I visited many markets and an apothecary. In France, I visited a perfume factory and the French Riviera.

What has been your favorite class at Brockport so far?

Philosophy of Science, with Professor Joseph Long, PhD. It had a balanced feel to it — I learned a lot without feeling stressed out. Plus, it blended both of my majors together, which was nice.

Where is the best food off campus?
The Brockport Diner. The food is good and comes in large quantities for a fair price. It’s the ideal location to eat before going to a movie at the Strand Theater right across the street!

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