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Paul Giglio

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The Doer

BA in International Business and Economics & International Studies

“The smallest action can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Between his involvement in the Delta College Program, his position on the Board of Director for the On-campus Constituency for the Brockport Student Government, his duties as a resident assistant and his membership of several organizations on campus, you would be hard-pressed to find a student with a busier schedule than Paul Giglio. Even though he is constantly giving back to the Brockport community, Paul considers his intimidating list of responsibilities as a way to grow as a person.

From an early age, Paul has immersed himself in numerous projects and extracurricular activities. In 8th grade, he was elected as a class representative by his peers, jump-starting his calling as a leader. His determination continued to accumulate in high school, where he was a member of the executive board of the student government for the four years he attended Saint Francis High School. He was even elected Student Government President in his senior year. Yet he did not limit his goals to strictly political aspirations; he also was a member of his varsity volleyball team, first chair alto saxophone in his school band, and a member of the National Honor Society.

Despite this extensive involvement in school, he continued to pursue his passions outside academia. In November 2006, Paul says that he “achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts and one of the United States’ highest awards for youth volunteerism.” He has also been playing piano for more than 15 years, a hobby he has turned into a career by performing for various venues like weddings, funerals and cocktail receptions. Paul says that when it comes to music, “there is always room for improvement,” and this lesson is one that has shaped how he tackles many aspects of his life.

Since coming to Brockport, Paul has continued on his ambitious path to success. Currently a junior, he is a very active participant in the Delta College Program and returned from a trip to China during the Winter 2010 representing the SUNY System. However, it was his Study Abroad experience in London this past summer that Paul feels really shaped his academic decisions. He calls this trip his “defining moment,” and says that it was an experience that allowed him to, “grow, mature and learn about various European cultures.” He even says that, “One of my greatest accomplishments is being able to travel and experience the world.” His love of all things international has led to a double major in international business and economics and international studies. He is a member of both the Alpha Chi National Honor Society as well as the Beta Gamma Sigma National Honor Society and has been on the Dean’s List or the Dean’s List with honors his entire college career.

Even with such a heavy workload, Paul never hesitates to help out his fellow students. He has been a resident assistant for the past two years and through this position helped organize several events including Alcohol Extravaganza, Taste of Brockport, MacVicar T-Shirts and Night of Elegance. He also has worked with the Delta College Mentor Program, first as a peer mentor his sophomore year and then as the mentor program coordinator his junior year. Paul even works as a tour guide, helping prospective students gain familiarity for the Brockport campus. He also is currently serving as the chairperson for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge at Brockport after helping participants raise more than $10,000 for the same cause last year. Although Paul constantly strives for new ways to help people, he sees his extracurricular activities as a way to better himself as well, saying that they have “enabled me to grow as a person.”

Yet, despite the fact that Paul is such an active contributor to his school environment, he still credits Brockport with helping to shape the person he has become today. “Brockport has great things to offer, it changed me as a person.” He explains that, “Brockport has given me the opportunity to see the world, to have some great experiences via my extracurricular involvement and academic experiences that I know that I would never have had at a different college.”

Paul draws inspiration from Gandhi, who he calls “a great man for using nonviolent actions to persuade other people.” Paul is constantly inspired by Gandhi’s teachings, and Gandhi’s words, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” have become a driving force in Paul’s life. He says that he is always asking for, “constructive criticism to help see myself from a different angle.” Through his multiple leadership roles on and off campus as well as his passion for helping others and making a difference, it is clear that Paul can and will continue to shape his future, no matter what challenges he may have to overcome.

Last Updated 5/26/21