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SUNY Brockport fosters a diverse and inclusive community of engaged scholars, professionals and citizens. Every member of our community plays an essential role in ensuring the collaborative, supportive, physically conducive and sustainable environment critical for the transformative engagement of our students, faculty, professional and operational staff. Cultivating connections and dialogue across disciplines and cultural differences, we are dedicated to pursuing excellence that furthers common good within the College community and through intentional engagement with broader academic communities, our extended alumni community, local and regional communities, and national and global communities.

Linked to this page are a series of core concepts and questions distilled from Strategic Planning Committee and Community Subcommittee deliberations about our College community in relation to diverse regional and global communities. These core concepts inform our working definition of the Community pillar and our more specific scaffolding around that pillar for and building a better College community, for a better Brockport, Rochester, and world. That scaffolding includes: five strategic goals for strengthening our community, with corresponding measures and metrics.

We recognize that neither our questions nor our responses are comprehensive, yet they provide an opening for what we trust will be engaging, elucidating, and transformative discussion. Our hope is that all members of our community will recognize themselves in these descriptions of who we are, what we do, and what we aspire to be and do as a college community, and then offer further insights, ask incisive questions, and contribute concrete strategies for refining and renewing our community in its relation to other academic, professional, and civic communities.

We look forward to meeting with you in open office hours and discussion forums and to reviewing and engaging your on-line comments.

Opportunities for Feedback:

  • Online Community Pillar Survey open for questions & comments:
    Friday, October 14 to Tuesday, October 25
  • Open Office Hours with the Strategic Planning Subcommittee:
    8:30-10 am, Wednesday, October 19, Seymour College Union, Room 222
  • Town Hall with the Strategic Planning Committee:
    1:25-2:15 pm, Wednesday, October 19, Hartwell Auditorium
  • Open Forum on Community in Rochester:
    5:30-6:30 pm, Tuesday, November 1, Alumni House
  • Public Forum on Community at SUNY Brockport:
    5:30-6:30 pm, Wednesday, November 2, REOC


The materials above represent a draft that will be revised, streamlined, and prioritized based on your feedback. As you review the materials, please provide feedback on any initial omissions. Also, consider which goals, strategies, measures, and metrics are most important to the College — and how they may be refined.

Feedback is now closed, we will post updates when available.

Community Subcommittee Members

Sharon Lubkemann Allen, Co-Chair
College Senate President & Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Mike Andriatch, Co-Chair
Vice President for Advancement
Margay Blackman
Mayor of the Village of Brockport & Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Roosevelt Mareus
Executive Director and Dean of The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center
Jason Dauenhauer
Director of Multigenerational Engagement & Associate Professor of Social Work
Cherise Oakley
CSEA/COSAC representative & Administrative Assistant, English
Tom Hernandez
Interim Dean of The Center for Graduate Studies & School of Education, Health, & Human Services
Megan Obourn
Interim Chief Diversity Officer & Associate Professor of English
Jimmy Luckman
Student representative, Delta College & Major in Sociology, Minors in WMS & AAS
Karen Podsiadly
Director of Community Development
Victoria Elsenheimer
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Advancement

Last Updated 7/23/21