Community Pillar Core Concepts 2016-10-13

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What is our central Identity as a Community?

At core, we are an academic institution, committed to providing an exemplary undergraduate and graduate education through integrated liberal arts and professional programs.

Who are the Constituents of our Community?

We are a culturally diverse, continually developing body of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, teaching faculty, professional and operational staff

What is the Character of our Community?

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of teaching, scholarship, and service, both within and beyond the bounds of our College Community. That is, we are dedicated to a culture of continual development through collaborative, critically informed, creatively innovative, disciplined, reflective, integrated learning, refining the knowledge and skills of students, faculty and staff within a diverse, inclusive, nurturing environment. Further, we recognize the essential ways in which every member of the institution contributes to creating and sustaining a physical, psychological, and intellectual environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning, advancement in the arts and professions, and responsible civic engagement.

What are our Community’s Key Characteristics?

Collectively scholarly, creative, and professional, we are culturally, ideologically, disciplinarily and operationally diverse and interdependent. We cultivate a culture of inclusivity, nurture, respect, dialogue, safety, sustainability, and resilience.

What are the Dimensions and Dynamics of our Community’s relationship with other Communities?

We are dedicated to engaging and significantly contributing to local and regional, national and global communities through academic and creative endeavors, professional partnerships, post‐graduate professional and academic pursuits, and civic initiatives.

Last Updated 11/16/17

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