The Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

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Framework For Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Metrics

Evaluates institutional performance in three areas: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. people, planet and profit (public good)

People -- A Great College at Which to Learns and Work acknowledges that People are our most important assets.

Planet -- sustainable environmental practices (STARS Rating)

Public good -- the impact of our work (student outcomes, community engagement)

“Policy-makers use TBL sustainability assessment frameworks to decide which actions they should or should not take to make society more sustainable. Policy-makers want to know the cause and effect relationship between actions—projects or policies—and whether the results move society toward or away from sustainability.”

Outcome -> To be a relevant, vibrant, and sustainable institution.

The Brockport Experience
A Transformational Framework

Pillar Goals:

  1. Great College at Which to Learn and Work
  2. Engaged Campus – “A Better Brockport for a Better World”
  3. 21st Century Institutional Sustainability

Day-to-day Operations & Activities

Last Updated 5/26/21