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The College’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Task Force (SAPE) envisions a world free from sexual violence

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SAPE is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful community that does not tolerate sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or other forms of sexual violence. The College has employed many strategies to combat sexual violence such as developing and implementing a Sexual Misconduct Code as part of the Code of Student Conduct, campus-wide collaborative projects, and offering campus events focused on sexual assault education and prevention. We are committed to providing education and support services that empower students, faculty, and staff.

Creating a “culture of respect” will enhance the connection and communication between students to ensure personal and community engagement. Prevention programming targets both men and women to examine the individual, interpersonal, societal and environmental risk factors of sexual assault. The link between alcohol use on college campuses and sexual assault on college campuses is also a focus. Lastly, prevention and education of sexual assault relates back to concepts of social justice, sexism, and other forms of oppression, as they are all intimately linked.

The College’s Prevention and Outreach Services launched a new office dedicated to relationship violence, sexual violence and stalking prevention—the Center for Select Respect. Our team of dedicated professional staff, graduate assistants and undergraduate students looks critically at relationship violence prevention, college life and concerns pertinent to our campus community. In August 2013, our undergraduate student staff expanded from one undergraduate staff member to five Select Respect Peer Educators. We are excited about the growth of our team and look forward to working with our campus community at outreach events. Our staff came into this semester motivated and ready to explore innovative ideas and perspectives regarding relationship violence prevention.

Intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking are serious public health and social justice concerns that impact all members of society, independent of age, race, gender, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. These concerns are particularly important to colleges and universities, as the majority of individuals first experience intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking before the age of 25. Programs and strategies designed by Prevention and Outreach Services and the Center for Select Respect foster a “culture of respect” for ourselves, others, and our greater Brockport community.

The College’s prevention initiatives are appropriately timed, evidence and theory-based, and address risk and protective factors utilizing the social-ecological model. These individual, interpersonal, institutional, and community level interventions synergistically work to create a “culture of respect” which contributes to a safe environment that promotes personal development, healthy interpersonal relationships, pro-social bystanders, and community engagement. Select Respect ideology is the result of thoughtful collaborations between campus and community partners.

The Center for Select Respect is located in the Seymour College Union (Room B-129), bringing aspects of college wellness and prevention efforts to the center of student activity on campus. In collaboration with other departments and student organizations on campus, the Center for Select Respect continues to work on comprehensive campus wide programs that address issues of relationship violence. Examples of programs, include Operation Green & Gold, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, iRespect, Blurred Lines, and Caught in a Bad Romance. We are continuing to find creative and inclusive ways to reach our campus community on topics related to relationship violence, sexual violence and stalking prevention.

Last Updated 3/8/18

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