Sexual Assault Response

In order to be consistent, supportive and ensure the victim receives services, resources and options, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Task Force developed this document to aid faculty and staff in their support of sexual assault victims

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Not only is it our ethical responsibility to respond in a comprehensive and supportive way, it is our legal responsibility.

If you think someone has been sexually assaulted…… act SMART!!


Determine if the victim is safe.

If not, ask the victim if they would feel comfortable with you calling University Police at (585) 395-2222.

In cases of rape or sexual assault, the College's response is based on several critical variables:

  • The safety of the victim
  • Medical concerns/needs of the victim
  • Legal and campus conduct interests of the victim
  • Counseling interests of the victim

College staff will provide support services and intervention for students who have been sexually assaulted, including helping to identify medical, police, campus conduct, and counseling assistance on and off campus. Upon request, assistance will be provided in changing academic schedules and living arrangements, when alternatives are reasonably available.

Medical attention or intervention

Determine if the victim wants or needs medical intervention.

It is the victim’s decision whether or not they receive intervention. Your role is to inform them of their options.

If the victim wants an evidence collection exam refer them to the SAFE Center (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Center) at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester or United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia.

For treatment of injuries from the assault, or to receive STI, HIV and pregnancy intervention, victims may also be seen at the Hazen Health Center.


Hazen Center For Integrated Care

Phone: (585) 395-2414
Fax: (585) 395-2559

Hazen Health Center Hours of Operation

Academic Year

Business Hours Walk-in Hours
  • 8 am - 4:45 pm
    Students are encouraged to make appointments
    • 9 am - 4:15 pm
      (Emergencies will be evaluated as needed.)
  • 10 am - 2 pm
    (We are closed Saturdays before breaks. Please call to verify Saturday hours during these times.)
  • 8 - 11 am
  • 10 am - 2 pm

Mid-semester Breaks

Business Hours Walk-in Hours
  • 8 am - 4 pm
  • 8 - 11 am


Business Hours Walk-in Hours
  • 8 am - 4 pm
  • 8 am - noon
  • 8 - 11 am

Safe Center at Strong Memorial Hospital

601 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester NY

24-Hour Hotlines

  • Monroe Co. NY: (585) 546-2777
  • Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Wyoming Co. NY: (800) 527-1757
  • Elsewhere in the US: (800) 656-4673


The sooner you can report the incident to the police the better. If you are on campus you can use a blue light phone or call (585) 395-2226 for connection to University Police. If you are off campus call 911. Police cannot investigate the incident as a crime unless you file a formal report. Reporting a crime initiates an investigation but does not obligate you to pursue criminal prosecution.

Students may choose criminal prosecution, a referral to the student conduct system, or both.

Members of the campus community may report criminal incidents to:

  • University Police at (585) 395-2226
  • Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at (585)395-2137
  • Office of Student Affairs at (585) 395-5990
  • Student Conduct Coordinators at (585) 395-5197 or (585) 395-5190
  • Student Health Center at (585) 395-2414
  • Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities at (585) 395-2122
  • Counseling Center at (585) 395-2207
  • Helpline (585) 395-2796

Victims of a crime can also make a voluntary report on a confidential basis. Reports of this nature are filed with the University Police for information purposes only, but there is no formal investigation.

The Rape Crisis Service (off campus) will also take a "proxy report" for which information about the incident is taken and submitted to the police agency with jurisdiction over where the crime was committed. The victim's name is not on this report. To contact the local Rape Crisis Service call (800) 527-1757.


Encourage the victim to talk to a counselor.

The services below are free and confidential

  • The College at Brockport Counseling Center - has a counselor who specializes in sexual assault and abuse. Contact 395-2207 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm.
  • The Rape Crisis Services - provides trained advocates who are reliable by phone and in person 24/7, to assist victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Call (800) 527-1757.

Last Updated 3/8/18

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