Faculty Guide to Academic Practices and Policies

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This Guide has been changed to a web-based edition and is designed as a quick reference regarding issues that most faculty encounter, either routinely or eventually, in carrying out their various responsibilities at The College at Brockport. 

Please navigate the Guide by using the left navigation panel. A list of topics by section is below.

Personnel Calendar & Academic Calendar

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Registered Course Content and Academic Freedom In Relation to Course Content
  • Course Syllabus Preparation and Distribution
  • Hybrid and On-line Courses
  • Meeting/Canceling Classes
  • Instructor’s Office Hours – College Expectations
  • Evaluating (Grading) Students
    • Mid-term Grades
    • Final Grade
    • Entering Grades on Banner
    • Submitting Changes of Final Grades
  • Drop/Adds and Withdrawals
  • Incomplete ("I") Grades and “PR” Grades
  • Unregistered Students Must Not Attend Classes
  • Respectful Treatment of All Students
    • Personal relationships
    • Students with disabilities: rights, accommodations
    • Accommodations without OSD Approval
  • Student Problems
    • Disruptive Students
    • Academic Dishonesty
    • Grade Appeals
    • Student Objections to Course Requirements
  • Confidentiality of Grades and Other Student Information

Advisement Responsibilities

Personnel Actions

  • DSI
  • Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
    • Departmental APT Documents
    • Timetable for Tenure-track Re-Appointments
    • Procedures for APT Recommendations and Decisions
  • College-wide Guidelines for Faculty Appointment Renewal, Tenure (Continuing Appointment), Promotion, and Performance at Rank
    • Teaching/Learning
    • Scholarship/Creativity
    • Service
    • Assessment of Faculty Performance
    • Annual Review of Faculty
    • Term Renewal, Continuing Appointment, and Promotion
  • Renewal
  • Continuing Appointment
  • Performance at Rank and Promotion
  • Promotion to Rank of Assistant Professor
  • Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor
  • Promotion to Rank of Professor
  • Promotion to the Ranks of Distinguished Professor
  • Guidelines for Submitting Materials for Continuing Appointments, Renewals, and Promotions
  • Faculty with Qualified Academic Rank (QAR) and Clinical Faculty
  • Sabbatical Leaves

Work Load Policies and Compensation

  • Academic Year Obligations
  • Work Load
    • Departmental versus College Obligations
  • Outside Employment and Consulting
  • Extra-Service Compensation
  • Leaves
    • Sick Leave
    • Sabbatical Leave
    • Guidelines for Sabbatical Leave Proposals
    • Maternity Leave

Work Place Policies

  • Smoking
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Use of College Property
  • Travel
  • Patents and Copyrights
  • Faculty Liability in Legal Matters
  • Support Services
    • Library
    • Information Technology Support Services
    • Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
    • The Student Learning Center
    • Design and Production
    • Grants Development Office
    • Print Shop
  • Faculty Tuition-free Course Registration Privileges
  • Grant support for faculty to encourage scholarship
  • Emeritus Faculty Privileges


  • 1940 Statement on Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure
  • Student Attendance Policy and Appeal Procedure
  • Procedure to Assist with Notification of Student Absences
  • Process for Student Injuries
  • Policy on Student Academic Dishonesty
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Internal Grant Opportunities through the Office of Grants Development
  • Procedural Requirements for Academic Personnel Decisions
  • Policy on Academic Nepotism
  • Student Grade Appeals
  • Procedures for Dealing with Disruptive Students
  • Policy for Students Bringing Children to Class
  • Visitor Policy during Working Hours
  • Guidelines for Granting Child Birth/Child Care Leave for Full-Time Faculty Members
  • Reminder on Dealing With Unregistered Students Who Attend Class
  • Reminders on Releasing Student Information In the Classroom and Departmental Offices
  • Weather Related Class Cancellations
  • Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
  • SUNY Brockport Policy Regarding Non-discrimination and Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention online learning program
  • H1N1 Influenza Virus Policy
  • Online, Hybrid, and Instructional Technology Enhanced Course Support Services
  • Faculty Roles & Rewards Final Report
  • Divisional Directory

Last Updated 5/7/19

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