In addition to providing instruction, faculty also have an obligation to fairly and meaningfully evaluate student performance (the College uses a plus and minus grading system and faculty may not arbitrarily choose to ignore this) and to provide useful feedback to students regarding their performance

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This responsibility carries with it the expectations that student performance will be measured across the entire semester and that graded assignments/examinations will be returned (or made available in some manner) to students in a timely manner. For all assignments and exams, a record of each student’s grades and their derivation according to the instructor’s grading policy will be maintained for at least one subsequent academic year, and can be made available to each student upon request. Persons who will not be available for discussion of grades during that year should make a copy of their grades and final grade calculation in each course available to the department chair in case there are student questions or grade appeals.

Undergraduate students and graduate students who do not hold appointments as graduate assistants should not be used (delegated authority) to grade other students. This violates FERPA regulations regarding confidentiality, and is an inappropriate assignment of responsibility by the instructor of record. This prohibition includes such practices as giving students answer sheets to score, examination responses to evaluate, or exchanging exams in class for the purpose of grading each other.

Mid-term Grades. For undergraduate courses, specific policies also exist for mid-term grades and final exams. In regard to Mid-term grades, faculty are required to provide “Mid-Term Progress Reports” for their undergraduate students. Accomplishing this, in turn, requires that at least one graded assignment, examination, or performance measure be completed prior to the deadline set for submission of the Mid-term Progress Report (to ensure a meaningful basis for the reported grade). Issuing a single or common grade (“blanket” grades) for all students in a course, failure to provide a graded assignment or exam, or any other failure to meaningfully evaluate studentsprior to the Mid-term Progress Report deadline, is violation of this policy. Any justifiable exception to this rule must be approved by the department chair and the Dean (in such cases the chair will notify the Registrar of this exception). Faculty should immediately report to the Registrar any student who is participating in class but not on the Mid-term grade list.

Final grades. Final course grades should be submitted by the due date specified in the College calendar and should - whether by final exam, term paper, or some other means - reflect an evaluation of student performance through the end of the semester (failure to do so effectively shortens a faculty member’s period of instructional obligation). College policy requires that all end-of-semester examinations of either the comprehensive “final” or “last unit” type be given during the formal Final Exam Period. Setting due dates for take-home examinations, term papers, and term projects (at the instructor’s discretion) to fall within the last week of classes or the formal final exam period is allowed. School deans will receive a report of all final grades that are not submitted on time to the Registrar’s Office (see academic calendar for due dates).

Entering Exam Grades into BANNER. Faculty members will submit their grades on-line. Printed grade sheets are no longer distributed by the Registrar. Below are the instructions for entering grades on-line. Note, only the students who appear on the online rosters are officially registered in the course and eligible to receive grades and credit for the course. Only faculty who are assigned to a specific course can enter the grades. Faculty can take advantage of the “ANGEL to BANNER” method of entering grades. Contact Help Desk, ext. 5151 for information on this option.

  2. Select Online Services
  3. Select Campus information System (BANNER)
  4. Enter your social security number and PIN. If this is the first time you are logging into the system your PIN is your birth date (in the MMDDYY format). For security purposes, you will need to change the PIN to a different six-digit number. You will then be prompted to enter a security question that will serve as a way to reset the PIN if you happen to forget it. Make it east, like what high school did I graduate from?
  5. Select Faculty Services
  6. Select Final Grades
  7. Select the term
  8. Select the course you wish to enter grades for. Only courses for which you are the official instructor of record will appear in the pull down box.*
  9. Click the Submit CRN bar.
  10. A class roster will appear and you can now enter the grades (in the 6th column) for each student. You may need to scroll down the page to see the names initially and if you have more than 25 students in the class, you will have multiple pages. One additional note, when entering the grades, be careful how you use the scroll wheel on your mouse. It changes the grade for the student and does not move to the next student’s record immediately.
  11. In the event you assign a grade of “I” for incomplete, you must fill out the “I
  12. Contract” form (available in your department office) and submit it to Registration and Records within one week. Issue “I” grades only when it is appropriate to complete a minor assignment or task; never with the idea of repeating a major portion of the course.
  13. When done, click the Submit grades bar. Print a copy after finishing for your records.
  14. You can exit Online Services by the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

*If you are teaching a course for which you are not listed as the instructor call the Office of Registration and Records immediately, 395-2531.

Submitting Changes of a Final Grade

The Registrar’s Office provides a form that instructors can use to make revisions to already submitted final grades. Grade changes are usually made for the purpose of correcting errors in the instructor’s calculation of a student’s final grade. If the grade change is justified for a reason other than instructor’s error, a written explanation for the grade change is required on that form.

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