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Guide to Division of Academic Affairs Annual Report – Activity Insight

General Information

This section is not required to complete the annual report, but does contain inputs that are needed to build a resume. Additionally, if you are willing to talk with the media regarding your areas of expertise, please make sure you fill in the section on research interests.

Input permanent data only once. Yearly data must be input annually to reflect your current status on the annual report. Make sure to indicate your full time equivalency as 100% if you are full time.

This section is only needed if you plan on using the tool to build a resume

Indicate administrative assignments in this section

Although this information does not show on the annual report, the College builds independent reports that document the awards and honors received by faculty and staff over the year from this data base. Please limit your input to honors and awards received beyond the College.

This section is used for indicating any external consulting that would not be covered by a grant or contract through the Research Foundation and input under Scholarship

Only necessary if you are building a resume

Although this section does not show on the annual report, the College can use your input to catalog external partners.

Unlike previous years, this information is NOW USED on the annual report.

This section is of special interest to disciplines that require or commonly have faculty who have to maintain licensures or certifications in their field. This information does not show on the annual report, but will be used for program accreditation purposes.

Input items of popular media (e.g. TV, newspapers, magazines) where you have made a contribution as an author or have been interviewed in areas related to your discipline. Do not repeat these items under Scholarship.

Although this information is not reported on our annual reports, it may be of value to input data here for using the tool to build a resume.

This section may be ignored.

For professional staff only. This screen is used for building central elements of staff annual reports. Staff enter activities in which they have engaged in support of a variety of college emphases (e.g., teaching, student success, productivity). Staff also enter their Performance Plan objectives for the reporting year and how effectively they have met them.

For faculty only. This screen is important for the annual report. All narrative questions, whether teaching, scholarship or service related are found here.  In addition to these three areas, there are questions related to your assessment activities and contributions to diversity.

This section is used by chairs, deans, and professional staff unit heads to prepare department and school annual reports.


Input your advisement load in this section.

Input your various non-scheduled but for credit activities including directed and independent studies, and graduate thesis.

Include any non-credit instruction. This may include off-campus activities.

Scheduled teaching and grades will be input for you, but check to make sure that things are correct. If needed, contact campus administrator of Activity Insight. You will need to input your IAS scores. Also important, please indicate if your course had a service learning component.


Please input any scholarly or creative products produced during the current academic year into its appropriate category below. Make sure that you indicate the status of the product with dates. As a product progresses, you may change the dates on the entry by simply editing it. When doing so, it seems best to erase the previous dates and input the new ones. For example, last year you had a journal article accepted (but not yet published). This year it was published. Erase the accepted date from the entry and input the published date so that the only date in the entry is the published date.

To aid in data management, if more than one author is from Brockport, the lead author should be responsible for input. The entry will show on all other author’s annual reports.

In general, a dropdown menu lists the types of contributions available in each category. An “other” category exists, but should be avoided unless absolutely necessary to accurately describe the product.

Any artistic or creative contribution is input here. This would include pieces of original literature including non-fiction, fiction or poetry.

Please input any externally funded grants or contracts here.

Written products ranging from books to conference proceedings and technical reports are input here. Make sure to indicate if the product was peer reviewed and if any of the authors are graduate or undergraduate students.

Input any patents or copyrights obtained during the reporting period.

Input any external oral presentations here.

This section allows you to input any work that you have currently in progress. Do not include manuscripts or creative products that are in progress. These should be input in the appropriate sections above. This section is for the work you have in progress before you get to the writing stage, for instance (e.g., data collection).


Service to your department, may include advising

School or College-wide service (at Brockport)

Service at the SUNY level

  • Professional

Service to your professional discipline

Service to the public that is related to your discipline. Both this and “civic engagement” below are important for other reporting needs of the college so please supply pertinent information.

  • Civic Engagement

Service to the community in areas NOT related to your discipline

Annual Report

Chairs and deans will comment on your annual report here, and you may respond

Last Updated 11/20/18

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